May 2, 2013

Snake Charmer?

This is perfect Friday blog material.  If you’re friends with me on facebook (and really, you should be) you’ve already seen what I found in the garage yesterday afternoon.

If not, here you go.


Let me start by saying I’m not a fan.

Of snakes. Or rodents. Or bats. Or large spiders. Or anything you’d classify under the term “critters”.

So when this little fella (okay, he was about 20 inches) decided to pay a visit and my Hubby wasn’t home, I did what any rational human would do. I had an internal freak out moment, called the nearest male neighbor over to the house and grabbed my camera.

Yep. Rational.

RedDog thought it was AWESOME.

Me? Not so much.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be dreaming about snakes coming up through the toilets for a few weeks. My new friend . . . he’s out of the garage, but he got away before we (and by we, I don’t mean me) could terminate him.

So, happy Friday. May yours be absolutely snake free.


Aiketa said...

Ups... That's not the thing you expect to find in the garage... Even though probably I wouldn't be terrified by it (if it had been a huge spider I would), I would have done the same because I don't think I could have touched with my hands...

Now you reminded me of a story from when I went skiing last Winter.
I was skiing and I did a turn and realised that there was something in the middle of the track that didn't look like a rock but a toad. I stopped and started skiing up to the toad while convincing myself that I had to move it from the middle of the track, otherwide somebody could ski over it and kill it. The good thing here was that I was wearing gloves and I won't have to touch it. When I was almost there, a father stopped next to me, waiting for her daughter to ski down the track. I asked him if he minded to do it himself, and he said ok. hahahahah I was happy because I felt I saved that toad's life but without having to touch it myself...

Apis Melliflora said...

What a snake charmer you are! Pretty sure he was posing for the photo.

Anne said...

Of course you'd find a snake when your husband is away!

I currently live in West Africa, and we were assigned to live in a compound that had been declared a kids free zone after several of the residents reported spitting cobra* sightings. In. Their. Homes. Luckily I haven't found any myself, but every time I open the front door, I expect there to be one waiting for me (It happened to a friend of mine). I only have three weeks left here. Oh please let them be snake free!

*only the second most deadly snakes in the region.

The Queen Vee said...


What's the first most deadly snake. I don't think I want to live in West Africa, I don't like snakes.