May 20, 2013

Numbers …



The number of years I have come here to write my life and feelings.

One thousand three hundred thirty.

The number of days I have had something to say and have come here to say it.

Nine thousand seventeen.

The incredible amount of times you’ve chosen to comment on my ramblings. Bless you for making this a two-way conversation.


The number of people who have chosen to be called “followers” of this little blog. That sounds cultish. But what it really means is that eighty-two of you have decided I’m worth reading every day. Thank you.


The number of times I’ve thought about quitting this altogether. Then I think about the number eighty-two. And I think about how much I love this little space of mine and what it means to me and my family so keep at it.


The number of people in my house who give me the support and love I need to make this happen. Oh, and they also give me dirt to write about.


The number of people who have commented on almost every single post I’ve ever written. To my mom, my sister and my friend in Spain . . . I love you! I really, really do.


The only number that counts. One glorious Father in Heaven who gave me the desire and ability to write, who leads my family and my life, who inspires my days and gives me hope. In the end it’s the only number that matters. One is all I need.

The rest of the numbers are a bonus that when added up equal one grateful Dragonfly.


Apis Melliflora said...

Five Reasons I'm grateful for this blog

5. I steal decorating, gift, and foodie ideas from here ALL THE TIME.

4. I get to see adorable pictures of my niece & nephews on a regular basis.

3. I love your charming, intimate, clever writing style.

2. Your perspective on life, faith and love either inspires me or makes me laugh...sometimes both at the same time.

1. It's one of the precious ways I found you and got to know you as my sister.

Sue said...

Happy blogiversary!

TracyS. said...

Elegantly stated. Thank you for making the world a more beautiful place. You inspire me.

AllisonK said...

This is beautiful! I don't always comment, but I read every day. Thank you for inspiring me.

LRae said...

I read every day too and find you amazing! So gracious in good times and challenging times.

The Queen Vee said...

I agree with all the above comments. I'm grateful to be numbered as one of your readers/commenters. Now back to mowing the lawn, thanks for the numerical break.

Maclaine said...

I'm not one of the 82 but I click the link to your blog every single day for a long long time. Thank you!

Aiketa said...

Wow!!! Six years!!! Even though I haven't read all the post previous to my discovery of your blog (I've only read some of them), I have read all your post ever since the day I discovered your blog, and you always inspire me!!! You always have something clever to share and you share it with beautiful photos (I love the photo in this post) and beautiful words. It's always a pleasure to visit your "little space"!!!

Also, I'm happy that I made it into the top 3!!! :) And next to two other women I admire so much!!!

I am also one of your followers and your blog is one of the only three I read daily!

I am so happy that through your blog, I got to know YOU and The Queen, Apis... I am so very thankful for that! Love you so much!!!

Aiketa said...

Love, love, love your new side photo of Owlie and you in Hawaii! I can see the love between you two!

Meaja said...

Yep, you're pretty cool and important Sam. Thanks for blogifing your life with us!