April 30, 2013

One Fine Day . . .


We’re finally experiencing a glorious green Spring! A few days ago Owlie and I took a quilt out to the back yard and lay on our backs for an hour soaking up the sun, listening to the birds and taking in the beauty around us. It was one of those moments where I stopped whatever I was doing and just experienced being with my boy.

From my spot on the quilt, lying on my back (and side) I was able to capture all this beauty in my yard. Above, this dogwood branch is poking over the fence from our neighbor’s yard. It makes me happy! And below, the crepe myrtle just budding which I love to see from my bathroom window when it’s in full fuschia bloom.


This tree was directly above our heads. Glorious green against a perfect blue sky.


I always get excited for this next one. It’s a hydrangea, and due to whatever is in the soil in this particular part of our yard, it blooms deep purple. Sweet sigh.


Remember my pink dogwood? It’s getting lots of green now. Soon the blooms will be gone.


But this one, fallen very near where we were resting, struck a perfect pose for my camera. Seriously. I am in love with every thing about this picture.


I am officially declaring my love for the flowering dogwood branch.

After two days of rain, I’m looking out this window this morning and it seems we might have another fine day on our hands. I think a stroll to the park is in order.

Wish you could join me!


Apis Melliflora said...

Another fine day here too! Off and running! Everywhere I look is a feast for the eyes.

The Queen Vee said...

Your yard is looking gorgeous, I'm glad that you are enjoying it because you know how it's going to look come summer. I wouldn't mind if we had one of the coolest summer's on record so that the beautfy of spring could continue. Dogwood = :-)

Aiketa said...

While reading your post I imagined myself laying on my back and enjoying the beautiful nature around me while listening to birds singing, instead of being inside the library where I only hear other people typing with computers and not having to head to class in less than five minutes... :(
It was so good while it lasted! That's my kind of afternoons... :) I'm sure you and Owlie enjoyed it a lot.

There other day I was walking around the city and saw a hydrangea plant and thought of you. I like them a lot too!

Have a great and suny weekend!

Lisa Hutchings said...

Thank you for this post. Such beautiful pictures. I am really missing Virginia this spring. It is still cold and yucky here in Denver. Would you be willing to go take pictures of Daniel's dogwood tree for me?