March 1, 2013

Pinterest Saves The Day …


Tonight is our Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet. Every year the scouts and their moms or dads decorate cakes to celebrate scouting. Last year I made The Luscious Orange Cake and put some Cub Scout flags on top. RedDog didn’t mine because he wanted his cake to be yummy more than anything else. But then we got to the dinner and there were some pretty awesome cakes.

This year a quick Pinterest search and RedDog wanted to play with fire! He knew as soon as he saw this campfire cake that we had to make it. 

It was so fun to do together.  Soren made the cake itself.  Then he crushed all the red and yellow candies and we watched them melt in the oven. Once that was cooled, we used a sharp knife and hammer to break up the candy into “flames”.

Piroline cookies make the perfect logs. We stacked them up by adding a little frosting as glue.  RedDog’s absolute favorite part of this cake is the edible chocolate rocks. We found them in the bulk candy section of our local Wegman’s grocery store.

I’m totally fine with the boxed cake mix and store bought frosting. I’m pretty sure the Cubs won’t mind either! The best part about this completely edible campfire? It made my boy super happy and he’s very excited to take it tonight.

Pinterest, you are a life saver!



Aiketa said...

Wow Samantha! This cake is awesome! You two did such a brilliant work! RedDog will be the winner tonight (I don't know if there is any cake competition, but this cake is a winner!).

Apis Melliflora said...

What a heart-warming activity to do together! I just want to breakout my marshmallows and roast a few over your cake fire.

Although the idea was from Pinterest, the execution was all yours. Way to be awesome cake makers!

The Queen Vee said...

Two baking success events in one week, you're on a roll. (pun intended) The cake looks fab, good choice going with the box cake and canned frosty. I think it's a winner.

Janie said...

Love it! I use to make a Heart-shaped cake, frosted with whipped cream and on the top, made the heart shape more defined with the whipped cream frosting, then filled the top with cherry pie filling. In between the layers I used the pie filling sauce for added flavor. It was always a winner and even today I make it for my boys and their families for Valentines. This one will be a winner for you too!! Terrific job!

christy said...

Amazing. No surprise. I'm going to have to save this in my Pinterest arsenal for when Luke becomes a scout in a few years.

TooTall said...

Did you see the campfire cookies on "Our Best Bites" blog yesterday? I think your cake looks much better though! Yum!