March 12, 2013

Caption This Photo, Please …


Yesterday was a wash. I was gone from my house from 8:15 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. No time to blog. No time to do laundry. No time to make beds. Just going non-stop. Oh, and did I mention it was pouring rain. Crazy.

The very best part was having to rescue Owlie from preschool where he’d had his first ever potty accident. As soon as I walked in the classroom he stood up (in borrowed pants) and said, “Mommy, I peed my pants. And my shoes are very wet.”


Today, on the other hand, I have these two cuties at the house. Whenever they’re together, it is a BLAST!

Mr. Owlie and his main girl Lucy know how to have fun. We’ll be building some forts, molding some play-doh, making a trip to Target (I know, daring, right?), getting out the Little People and using some gorgeous and bright new sidewalk chalk. If the puddles are dry, there will definitely be some trampoline jumping. And maybe if I’m lucky, they’ll let me take some pictures!

I’ve been laughing at this one ever since I took it a week ago. What a bunch of posers.

I think it needs a good caption. I’m hoping you’ll help me out. C’mon . . . what’ve you got?


Anonymous said...

OWlLIE: "I make this shirt look good"!

LUCY: "I'm having a princess wedding and Owlie will be so handsome in his tux"!

Erin said...

Owlie "I secretly dig her"
Lucy "I not so secretly dig him"

Tracie Carter said...

OWLIE: Yeah, I'm kind of a big deal

Meaja said...

Follow my lead Lucy, look super cute and she'll let us do ANYTHING! Smirk.

Apis Melliflora said...

Owlie: I'm where it's at.
Lucy: What he said, but I'm wearing the bow!

TooTall said...

Owlie: "Maybe if I look real cute and stick my cheek out she will kiss it!"

Lucy: "Ohh.. I want to pinch that cheek!"

The Queen Vee said...

All clever but I vote for Meaja's.

Aiketa said...

This photo is awesome. What an adorable pair.
I agree with The Queen, Meaja's comment is my fav.

I hope the three of you had such a great day together, well I'm sure you did.