February 15, 2013

Love Week 2013: True Love


For me, this is what it’s all about. These five people are the loves of my life.

I know many people who think Valentine’s Day is nothing but a commercial endeavor meant to sell flowers and cards. I don’t begrudge them that opinion.

I see it differently, though. I think of Valentine’s Day and “Love Week” as an opportunity to spend more time thinking about these five people than I normally do. It’s a chance to tell them and show them, through words, thoughts and deeds {not necessarily money}, that I really do love them so very much.

I hope you’ve had a great Love Week and have a wonderful weekend!


PPS. Big C with no braces = HANDSOME!

PPPS. Owlie’s face while he hugs RedDog? Yep, I pretty much want to eat him up!


Ronalin said...

Super cute pictures, they make me happy. The Mecks love the Lee family, we are so glad to have you as dear friends!

AllisonK said...

You have a beautiful family! I love the freckles. Gorgeous pictures.

The Queen Vee said...

GREAT photos Samantha. Hannah and Chris are looking so grown up. Oliver and Soren look so cute together. I love these pictures but I love your family even more.

Aiketa said...

These two photos are so beautiful. I specially like the one with Owlie and Red Dog, they are so cute!!! And I'm with the Queen, Big C and Hannie B look so grown up and so handsome and pretty, respectively!

I like how you see Valentine's Day and Love Week. I've never celebrated it, because we, Catalans, have our own "Love Day" which is "Saint George's Day" on April 23rd. {Spain does celebrate Valentine's Day, and in Catalonia is getting more popular each year, but Saint George's Day is still more popular.}

Saint George's Day is a really beautiful day and people usually go for walks, after work, in the city center where there are plenty of rose and book stalls. For us Catalans it's a really important cultural day.

You can read this wikipedia entry (go to where it says Catalonia).

But what I've experienced lately is that people focus only on showing their love to their boyfriend/girlfriend/couple, but they don't show their love for friends, parents, siblings... And this is what I like best of your approach to Valentine's Day.

I will try to do my best and show my love to all the people I love, not only a boyfriend (which I don't have hahahaha).

Sue said...

A face without freckles is like a night without stars.

As an aside, Hannah is doing a great job with her makeup. Not too heavy, just warm and healthy looking. Loverly!