January 2, 2013

The Joy Of Family Togetherness …

Ten days straight on an island together as a family is a lot of togetherness.

Don’t get me wrong.  I would do what we did ten more times. It really was amazing.  But it certainly wasn’t all hibiscus flowers and ukulele tunes.

My kids are awesome individuals. But sometimes, when they’re all together, they are as unawesome as can be.

As I was looking through pictures from our trip last night, I laughed hard at these two. 

The top photo was taken in a courtyard on the BYU Hawaii campus. We had just spent five minutes wrestling the Owlie into staying still long enough for a picture. And the minute he does? Hannie B. starts bossing RedDog around. It’s a classic Lee kid scenario. 

The best part of the picture is that the Hubby and I just kept smiling right on through acting as if nothing was wrong. Then after the photo was snapped, we started barking orders. Excellent, no?

This next picture is just funny. We’re inside a huge tree like the ones from the TV show LOST {Can I just say I miss that show so much!}.  Owlie is grumpy because he doesn’t want me to hold him. Everyone else is smiling until the minute the picture is taken and that’s when Big C decides to stick his fingers in RedDog’s ears. Big brother much?

I actually love this picture and laugh really hard every time I look at it. But poor RedDog never has a fighting chance to look decent in a picture.

Long family vacations are work! They are not for the faint of heart. I nearly strung some kids up by their fingernails in Hawaii. Then they’d turn around and get along like they were the best of friends for a few hours and I would cry inside because I was so happy.

I believe we accomplished what we set out to do, which was create lifelong memories for our kids.  But there was bickering and scolding and crying and teenage attitude and disobedience and drama too.

I’m pretty confident that years from now, none of us will remember any of that bad stuff. We’ll just remember that being together in Hawaii was one of the best things we’ve ever done.

And we’ll always have these pictures to laugh at.


The Queen Vee said...

Despite the ups and downs of a family vacation great memories were made by all.

Tracie said...

HURRAY! You're back! I'm so happy for this real life family post! So glad you share these things here. We're going to take a big family trip this year and I'm excited and cringing at the same time for I know you speak the truth :) You're fabulous, Happy New Year! Oh yes, and I got on here to find your chings recipe for tonight ;) Distracted again . . .

MelancholySmile said...

That is SO TRUE! My middle brother was always the one who could provoke the worst in us, and yet he still remembers it all as nice and rosy. I suppose I do, too. ;) what a wonderful trip! So glad you're back. :)

christy said...

I love this post SOOO much because it is my life to a T. Family togetherness can be such a wonderful, terrible thing. It's really hard on us parents and the moments of peace and happiness are treasured memories despite all the bickering, complaining, teasing, etc. Vacations are so fun but definitely more of a vacation for the kids. That's why we insist on a few kid-free trips every now and then. Looks like you had a memorable time.

squeezeme said...

Happy New Year to you! So thrilled your Hawaiian adventure was just that, an adventure! Love the details about your trip...keep them coming and take a nap or two!

Aiketa said...

hahaha these two photos are hilarious. I laughed when I saw the one you posted on facebook.
And now with the first one, reading what was going on. I love Owlie's smile on this one!

{Yesterday I started comment on old post and forgot to comment in here.}

Apis Melliflora said...

My favorite part: that you and the hubby just kept smiling though it all.

Sue said...

I freakin' love these pictures! Classic! I think once we accept that there is a difference between "vacation" and a "family trip" our expectations are more appropriate and we can cope with all the annoyances.

Did you send out Christmas/New Year's cards? If not, I think you totally need to use the picture by the giant tree!