January 4, 2013

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone …

One of the great things about our trip to Hawaii was the opportunity it gave each of us to try new things – things that pushed us outside of our comfort zones.

Hannie B. really surprised us the second day on the island when she decided she wanted to make the leap off Jumping Rock at Waimea Bay.  The Hubby trekked up there with her and a bunch of other grown men. She was the only little gal up there!  When the waves came in high enough, she launched herself off the forty foot drop and into the ocean.  She said it took her breath away, but she’s glad she did it. It took my breath away, too!

Big C is an adventuresome kid, so his comfort zone is wide and didn’t need much challenging.  But he did venture down the stone steps in the back yard of my in-laws house, through a hole in the rocks and right into the ocean in a sea kayak. It’s a remarkable thing to watch your son, a lone man in a boat on the sea, just paddling around enjoying every minute of it.

I’m pretty convinced that the Hubby is NEVER uncomfortable. He’s brave, athletic and good at pretty much everything he does. It was fun, however, to see him trying to conquer Waimea Falls. The kids loved seeing their dad sitting in a waterfall. I loved watching the waterfall win.

When we went to the beach in May, Owlie would only get near the water if he was firmly being held with two hands.  Then, when the water did come, he would back away.  Our trip to Hawaii cured him of that! Several of the beaches we went to had perfect gentle waves and Owlie magically transformed into Wave Jumper Boy. He was happiest on the trip when on the beach challenging the waves.

Then there’s my RedDog.  Never have I seen him more courageous. Think back to the first time as a kid that you were tumbled by a wave. It can be a very scary thing – your body being tossed about like a rag doll. My boy had a bad experience with that in May at the beach in Delaware and spent the rest of the time on the edges of the water.

When RedDog was taken down by a wave on our first day a the beach in Hawaii, I thought for sure he’d be done for the rest of the trip. Instead, he got back up, declared, “That was AWESOME!!!” and headed back in for pounding after pounding by the waves. He spent the most time in the water out of all the kids, making me one happy momma!

Now you’re probably wondering what I did to step outside my comfort zone while in Hawaii.  I put these white bad boys on display, despite them being covered in hives.

It’s a seriously hard world, people.


Ronalin said...

Hannah, you have way more courage than me. I don't think I would have attempted the cliff jumping. However, I think I have a few in my house who would be right up there with you. You are all crazy, but really cool too!

Aiketa said...

Hannie B. is brave, I don't know if I would have jumped from up there... I've always been so scared to this.

I think I would rather went kayaking like Big C, though maybe not alone... ;)

But I think is great that you all stepped out of your comfort zone... You made me remember of a time when I lost a once in a lifetime opportunity to water skiing for free because I was too afraid... and I've regretted it afterwards... or many other things.

So, mental note to myself: "Step out of comfort zone from time to time, Nona. It's good!" Thanks Samantha for remembering me of that today!

I'm loving your Hawaii posts! And they made me think of how strange it would be for me to spend Christmas at the beach... We don't have snow usually around here during Christmas (or ever) but at least is cold... (more or less).

Aiketa said...

(I don't know how I do it, but my comments always are too long!)

Apis Melliflora said...

Hello red toenails! I think you looks fabulous.

Lots of amazing feats and feet in the water and out.

The Queen Vee said...

Aiketa...your comments are never too long and always delightful.

Hannie B is much braver than me, no way would ever jump from a 40 foot height into the ocean.

I probably wouldn't do the waterfall thing either. I'd be hanging with Owlet...that's as far out of my comfort zone as I get at the beach. Actually, putting on a swimsuit is WAY out of my comfort zone.

Sue said...

Still no solution/explanation for the hives? What a major annoyance on your vacation! On the upside, you got to chill on the beach and take pictures of your favorite peeps!