October 30, 2012

Halloween Dining …

Is it weird that we are totally comfortable eating our October dinners off the head of a skeleton? 

My mom, The Queen, found these great plates at Target last year and bought us a set for spooky dining.  The vintage nature of the skeleton and phalanges bones really appeals to the graphic designer in me.  The creepy nature of the idea of eating off a skull plate appeals to my kids. Win. Win.

I don’t think these guys had ever eaten on plates like that before.  Still, they seemed to enjoy it.  Maybe it will make a good story to write home about. We sent these Mormon missionaries off with full stomachs and new stickers on the back of their name tags courtesy of Owlie.

Now it’s time to get ready for Halloween dinner.  We always do chili and cornbread.  This year I’m shaking it up a bit by turning the cornbread into Pioneer Woman’s Corndog Muffins.

Frankenstorm update:  We survived a very windy night without losing power – a real miracle for us!  The yard is a mess, but we are all safe.  Now we need to turn our efforts to how we can help our brothers and sisters up North who did not fare so well.  We are praying hard for power, calmer skies and a rescue effort that helps as many as possible.

Be safe!


The Queen Vee said...

Same here, on the praying and concern. Need to find out how we can help from afar.

Those young men loved eating on those Skelly plates, who wouldn't.

I'm grateful for power and pumps, saved our home in Frankenstorm combat.

Grateful that you're okay, M and T lost power.

AllisonK said...

So glad you are safe! The plates are darling, you have a great mother!

squeezeme said...

So glad you are all safe! We will pray with you. Love the idea of corndog muffins....for the 4 of our 6 who like hotdogs!

Aiketa said...

I like this skull plates! My inner medical nerd is saying the names of the different bones in a skull.

I so glad to hear you are ok! Images of Manhattan in the news are scary.

Wow, Owlie is so big!!!

Happy Halloween! That corndog muffins look great!

jd said...

I love that you can so casually throw out the term phalanges. You are cool like that :)