October 24, 2012

Eating Outside {In October!} …

While I was on my self-imposed blogging hiatus, we were able to eat out on the back deck one night for dinner. It was a perfect night – just chilly enough to warrant a fleece jacket {for the wimps}, long sleeves for Owlie and shorts and t-shirts {for the crazies}.

It was glorious!  There were absolutely zero bugs. In Virginia a day without bugs is sweet relief and a sure sign that Summer is indeed finally over.

We dined on hamburgers off the grill, sweet potato fries and peaches from the can because I was low on fresh fruit.  We ate off paper plates. Hooray for fewer dishes!

Can we talk about hamburgers for a minute?  I love, love, love a good burger.  My SIL and I share what we believe is the best recipe ever! If you think a hamburger is a frozen puck of meat from Costco, I want to change your life.  A hamburger blog post is in the works.

Now we need to discuss all the things I love about this picture:

  1. I’m actually in it.
  2. Owlie is so stinkin’ cute. He told me to put my arms up like him.
  3. The looks on the faces of Hannie B. and RedDog. Not fans of sweet potato fries. Freaks.
  4. The leaves gathering on the deck. Sigh. I heart Fall so much.
  5. My huge teenager. With all that hair and large awkwardness.
  6. Hamburgers. Yum.
  7. Everyone was happy on this night, in this moment.

I am a huge proponent of family dinners together. We eat together at least six nights out of the week.  It is the one time we can be there with each other and food is involved. Win, win.

How about you?  Do you insist on family dinners?


Apis Melliflora said...

Sweet potato fries.
Grilled burgers.
All favorites here!

The Queen Vee said...

Bun and peaches for Big C...he looks hungry.

Sweet Potato Fry haters are a bit freaky.

Eating outside...times running out for that 2012 event, cool that you got on more dinner in before the final inning.

Owlet...you're cute, quit growing up so fast.

Aiketa said...

It's so great to see you in a picture! And sure that second photo is so fun to look at.
I might have the same face expression as Hannie B. and RedDog if I tasted sweet potato fries. Or I might not. The few times I tasted sweet potatoes I didn't like them that much, but they weren't fried.
Looking forward to that hamburger post. A good hamburger is always so yummy!!!

At my home, growing up and still nowadays, we always eat all together. And I think this how it should be, if the situations allows for it.

The Queen Vee said...

Eating dinner together is one of the more important things you can do as a family, and it's fun too!

AllisonK said...

perfect family dinner!
We are all about a good burger and most of my littles would agree about the sweet potato fries.