September 14, 2012

Think About Your Positive Thoughts …

Both my older kids have had a wacky Middle School teacher for keyboarding.  Every week she has the kids stand up, hug themselves and repeat out loud, “Think about your positive thoughts!”  It’s wacky, but today, I like it!  Here are some positive thoughts I’m having:

  • My ear has not been ringing for the past five days!  Talk about {no} music to my ears after five months of noise.
  • I get to take my mom {The Queen} to lunch today for her birthday with my SIL.  Ladies lunch is always a favorite.
  • We had our first entirely accident free underwear day with Owlie yesterday.  Super awesome times ten. Please, oh please let this be the beginning of the end.
  • I received the kindest note from a high school friend this week.  She didn’t know how to comment on my blog, so she sent an actual letter.  No matter how many emails I get in my inbox, a real letter in my mailbox is always the best! Thanks Jennifer. I love you!
  • I just finished a fantastic trilogy of books this week.  It made for a few late nights, but so worth it because I love reading and I love a truly good story. Check out the Muirwood trilogy by Jeff Wheeler on Amazon.  You won’t regret it.
  • Our weekends are spoken for the rest of the month with happy things: a charity walk for the homeless, a sweet wedding, a night at the temple, baseball games, volleyball games, cross country meets and DATE NIGHTS!
  • My doctor has firmly recommended that I take up yoga for my ailing back.  Apparently I need to strengthen my core. I’m excited about yoga. Excited and totally scared.
  • I picked these flowers out of my yard. They’re semi-weedy looking {but technically a perennial} but I love how they seem so important because I stuffed them in a white pitcher and called them an arrangement.

I hope you have something positive to think about this weekend. Give yourself a hug, won’t you?


Apis Melliflora said...

My positive thoughts today:

my boy's first school dance
date night tonight
our Mamma's birthday
lovely new roman shades
baking the Boyfriend cookies today
listening to tunes on Pandora
my other little sister taking big leaps of faith
my hardworking husband

My heart feels bigger already....thank you Dragonfly.

The Queen Vee said...

Positive thoughts today....

Turning 65 is better than not having the opportunity to turn 65

Lunch with 2 of my daughters, wishing the other 2 could be with us

Ken out on the golf course, so good for both of us

Shopping for a gift for a sweet blog friend

Picking up a new book to read from the library

Enjoying a cool crisp morning and a glorious fall day

Dinner at Chick fil A, Southwest grilled chicken salad

Gym time, not to be confused with play time

Cleaning my craft room, maybe I'll find a lost treasure

Gratitude always for my family and friends

I agree, if you like to read a good yarn, pick up the Muirwood Trilogy. New author, self published, now he's been been picked up by a real publisher...I'm sure he's thinking positve thoughts.

squeezeme said...

Happy Birthday Queenie! Lots of love your way....

Aiketa said...

Yeah, maybe it's a little bit wacky {new English word I learned because of you Dragonfly!}, but I think it's not that bad of an idea.

I remember that once my high school teacher made flower shaped papers for all of us (with a photo of each one of all of us in the center) then we passed around the papers and everyone had to write what we liked of that person (the one in the photo). I still have my flower shaped paper with all the things that my classmates write to me and read it from time to time. It always makes me happy!

My positive thoughts today:

- Meeting later today with a friend to help her rehearse her speech on defending her thesis.

- My lately really busy life going back to a normal rhythm and being able to catch up with lots of things I have to do, for example reading your blog!

- My plans for the weekend: a friend's birthday party with all my friends from Girona in Barcelona, a concert on Saturday and visiting Sagrada Família with my parents on Monday.