August 27, 2012

First Day 2012 …

Here’s how it went down at our house this morning:

Up at 5:45. Out the door at 6:30.  First day of high school. First day of early morning seminary. First time ever taking a picture in the dark. {Nice photobomb, Hubby!}


Up at 6:45. Out the door at 7:20.  Slept on top of his made bed so he’d have one less thing to do this morning.  Clever, handsome redheaded boy!


Up at 7:00. Out the door at 8:05. Spent the morning primping and preening until she was just so.  I think it worked – she’s gorgeous!


Up at 7:55 just in time to see the last one off on the bus in his pajamas on the front porch.  Very upset that everyone would leave him so suddenly.  Decided the only course of action was to wield a sword and declare that the first day of school is not good.


Happy first day!


Tracie said...

Love that you have a history of 1st day shots of these cute kids growing up!!! Well done you!

Apis Melliflora said...

I give the prize to Big C for getting up at that terrible hour (and to his parents who will now have to do the same for a very long time!)

Hope everyone has a great first day!

Emily said...

And I thought two schools was hard. Bless you. When early morning seminary comes to our house it might just do me in! I'm not a morning person. Hope Ollie makes it through the day:)

Emily said...

It took me five tries to get through the comment moderator. I hate that thing:(

The Queen Vee said...

And they're off!

Off to a good start.

May the Force be with all of you.

Looks like you have and enforcer.

squeezeme said...

Happy firstday of school Lees! Anthon can feel your pain, Ollie! He misses his brother and sisters terribly and has been my shadow constantly....until Pre-K next week. :)

Bells said...

My littles started a month ago and today was the first day for the Middle Schoolers. I was pretending to feel melancholy about being alone today (secretly had a long list of things I was going to do, alone). Then Mr. 4th grade woke up, sick. Now we're both really melancholy. I forgot to take pics this morning, 1st day after school will have to do this year!

Aiketa said...

I hope they had a great first day of school. I like the idea of taking photos of each one of them before leaving.

hahahha on Big C's photo I didn't see Travis until you mentioned the photobomb. It's funny!