July 17, 2012

Summer Love …

Strange fact about me: even in the dead heat of Summer I have to sleep with covers on. My Hubby can’t understand it. He would be perfectly happy to sleep on top of the sheets. I can’t do it.  Please tell I am not alone.

Come March we put away our down comforter and flannel sheets to make way for crisp cotton sheets and a cotton blanket.  But the bed is still left wanting a fancy cover to finish it off.

Back in October I hit my favorite hospital rummage sale where I found this delightfully textural spread. The best part about it? It is super lightweight. The recessed portions of the spread are no thicker than a sheet and the raised portions are like cotton string.

When I first saw it I thought it was very “Anthro”esque – you know, bordering between cool and something you’d find at your grandma’s house.  I bought it for Hannie B’s room, but it has decided to stay in my room because it fits a queen mattress better and I am in love with it.

{Totally cleaned off the Hubby’s bedside table to take this picture!} 

This spread has been a perfect summer solution for our bed. Are you a cover sleeper like me? Or too hot to handle the sheets in the summer?

PS. I’m off to the ear specialist today for more hearing tests.  Wish me luck!


Apis Melliflora said...

Indeed, my grandmother had that very bedspread in her guest room...and we loved it, the bumpiness of it! I agree: it is very anthro too!

Also, love the old window double framed on the hubby's bed stand.

Good luck at the docs today!

The Queen Vee said...

Looks fabulously nubby and lightweight....and just like the bedspreads of my youth.

Z. Marie said...

I'm with you on sleeping under the covers! And that's an awesome bedspread.

Meaja said...

Coverage is a must. Agreed. Good luck at the dr's.

JulieB said...

Do you know I saw almost that exact bedspread in the new Ballard catalog? Good find!