June 10, 2012

Something Fishy Is Going On …

We had a great Last Day of School party on Friday. The weather was perfect for getting wet and our neighborhood friends came dressed in their swimsuits.

I planned the entire party around this invitation:

We had an obstacle course with lots of fishy stations and ate fishy food, like Swedish Fish, gold fish crackers and gummi  worms.

In this game,obstacle, you had to slide down the baby slide into the little pool, fish out the jar of bubbles and blow bubbles “like a fish”.

Ooh, the cupcakes were yummy!  Frosted blue and white, of course, like the ocean with bubbles on top!

Here’s my nephew Sam eating an entire school of fish only using his mouth.  What? Fish don’t have hands.  Why should he get to use his?

Yep. I totally matched the napkins, cupcake liners and sprinkles.  I’m a geek like that.  You can go ahead and be jealous.

My favorite obstacle was “Flop Like A Fish” in which the kids had to climb up on the wet trampoline {sprinkler underneath} and flop around like a fish.  Nothing better than kids acting like complete spazoids.

Here’s a shot of RedDog from our photobooth.  The options for accessories were scuba gear, a fishing hat or making a plain old fish face. This kid is cute. I love him a lot.

Owlie wanted so badly to participate in the “Worm on the Line” obstacle.  He wasn’t quite tall enough to reach the strings though, so he watched all the big kids eat their worms instead.

I love this shot of the schools of fish before being devoured by our party guests. Such a happy little platter of floating friends!

I wish I’d gotten pictures of all the stations in the obstacle course. It was loads of fun! But I can’t be everywhere at once and my camera took second place to me watching the fun with my own eyes. That’s just the way it goes sometimes.

I can’t believe summer is already here. We’ve got a busy schedule this week and next.  My RedDog turns nine on Tuesday and we’ve got another party to throw for him.

Our first weekend of summer was near perfection. The only thing that would have made it better would have been if I’d seen my husband on Saturday and Sunday. Yeah – bummer on that note.

How about you?  How was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

What a delightful party theme for any time of the year and any fun loving bunch ready to play. Adorable cupcakes. Linda

brendag said...

Awesome party!!!! Love the theme, the cupcakes, & coordinating decor! But the pictures of your cuties are the best! This weekend among many other things I pulled off a surprise birthday party for our 16 year old daughter!

Apis Melliflora said...

How do these clever ideas pop into your head? The games and obstacles and snacks were all awesome, but I'm stuck on the sheer brilliance of "of-fish-al."

The Queen Vee said...

I can testify that all the kids of-FISH-ally had a blast. DF you pulled off another Fishtabulous event.

TracyS. said...

Looks like a great time! Beautiful job.
I spent the weekend camping, swimming and catching frogs with the kids. Does it get better than that?!

MelancholySmile said...

what a perfect party! I love the photobooth, and will be craving swedish fish for the rest of the afternoon. ;)

Aiketa said...

I'm with Apis... the invitation is incredibly cute and clever!!! of-FISH-all!!! Love it. And yes, I'm wondering the same, how these great ideas come to you? Well, I know... you have such an incredible creative mind!

And well done on just enjoying the moment and leaving the cam... We have to do that from time to time! :)