June 8, 2012

On The Last Day …

RedDog had this for breakfast today.  The bacon smile is supposed to look more smiley and less grimacey, but oh well!  He giggled and I wept because after today he is a fourth grader.

We’ve got a busy last day planned. I’ll be running all over the place getting ready for our neighborhood “Last Day Party” which takes place in our back yard.  All the details on Monday!

Big C has his first baseball practice for the District Team he’s been chosen to play on and RedDog and the Hubby have their party to end out the season for machine pitch baseball.

Hannie B. will head to bed early tonight because she’s going to the beach tomorrow for one of her best friend’s birthdays. I think she’s excited . . . she’s been packing for a week {it is a ONE DAY trip}.

I’d like to say I’m ready to implement my Big Summer Plan for my kids, except I don’t have one.  So I’ll be fine tuning coming up with that this weekend.  It will involve equal parts fun, work, sun, shade, crazy and calm.

Owlie will just do what he does, which is go with the flow and scream his head off when he doesn’t like something.

If you’ve already had your last day, congrats! If today is your last day, good luck!

PS. My nephew Owen went home yesterday!  This is such a huge blessing! Thank you again for all your well wishes and prayers. I know they made a big difference!


brendag said...

Thank goodness we have one more week of school. I have way too much to do (surprise 16th birthday party for our daughter, decorating for chorus awards banquet, helping w/ 6th grade party, preparing for girls camp).

Good luck with your busy day!!!!

Aiketa said...

I bet your end of school party is a party all the kids in your neighborhood look forward to. I would if I was your neighbor (even though I'm not a kid any more...)!

Oh, how exciting for Hannie B.! Sure she is going to have so much fun.

Enjoy your Summer, now that's official!!!

My "Summer" will start next Tuesday! :) {It want be a real Summer, because I will have to study, but at least those first exams will be over and I will get to go to Mexico for a few days! :)}.

The Queen Vee said...

it was fun, the cupcakes were yum, kids were cute, especially Owlet with the water gun...and tools.

You pulled off another creative clever end of school party. I bow to your talent.