June 15, 2012

Some of Our Summer So Far …

My camera is filling up with summer goodness and I’m feeling the need to throw a bunch of randomness on the blog.  Here we go:

I snuck over to the school to get some pictures of RedDog at Field Day.  Instead I got pictures of RedDog and his class at the IceePop station.  Look at those awesome clouds in the distance.  Look who else scored his first IceePop:

This is what Owlie’s room looks like when I put him in a time out for hitting me because he didn’t like the shirt I chose for him. He emptied every drawer in hopes of finding a better shirt. Nice.

Hello Lee house on Flag Day!  You are the epitome of patriotic with your red door, white trim and blue shutters!  Love.

We now have seven years of this photo of Hannah and our neighbor friend Alex.  This is the first year she’s made a face like “I’m touchiing a boy.”

This was the only way I could protect the Last Day of School treats from my family.  It actually worked.


We’re rockin’ some new lights on our deck.  We’ve already had two lovely evenings with guests chatting under the trees well into the night.  It might just be a little spot of Heaven on Earth.


Here’s the Owlie boy with an early birthday gift: a battery operated bubble machine.  It’s saved my mouth from hours of blowing and he loves to dance in and catch the hundreds of bubbles it produces.  Happy boy + happy mama= worth the $$$.


There you have it.  Some of our summer so far.

If you’re wondering where Big C is, he’s busy running every day for Cross Country, playing baseball for the District team and being a social butterfly {three parties just in the week since school ended}! Rough life.

What does your summer look like?


The Queen Vee said...

I think you are off to a good start....favorite pic....Owlet room disaster, followed by Hannie B and the Flag Day photo.

Apis Melliflora said...

Your summer looks great so far.

The post it note warning sign was so funny. Especially because you signed it with a heart.

Our summer is different than anticipated so far.

MelancholySmile said...

I think these random posts are sometimes my favorite! I live the owlie disaster, especially after dealing with L coloring all over his room yesterday... In permanent marker. Grrr!