June 25, 2012

A Monster of a Monday …

Doesn’t Owlie look like a little monster in this shot? It’s perfect for how our day has been so far.

Started out early, like 3:00 a.m. early, when I was awakened by the ringing in my ear. Yep, it’s officially loud enough to wake me up. Dumb ear.

Then, after lackluster sleep for myself, I got all the kids up early {7:30} because we had to get Big C to basketball camp and Hannie B. to art school.  They were both tired, grumpy, and rethinking that 11:00 bedtime last night.

About five minutes before I needed to walk out the door to play chauffeur, RedDog came down to announce that he’d found a tick nestled in his groin. Panic and pandemonium set in.

Our county just happens to have one of the highest rates of Lymes Disease in the nation. We also happen to have one of the highest concentrations of deer tick, so we take this stuff pretty seriously.

I spent time on the phone with the nurse guiding me through the steps to remove the tick. It was not fun, but it is out and safely stored in a plastic bag in case we need to visit the doctor later this week.

Everyone made it to camp on time.  The Littles and I stopped off for a “Yay, We Conquered the Tick” donut. RedDog is fine. Owlie is happy. And I am now attacking monster loads of laundry and dishes before heading back out to pick up big kids.

Wow. Summer is CRAZY.


Tracie said...

YIKES! But at least you're stylin' in your sweet summer Keds! We're pulling through our last week of school before heading out on some adventures. Tomorrow is the last school lunch I will pack anytime soon! YIPPEE! That thought alone brightened the whirlwind of chaos house that greeted me this morning! So where does one get good donuts now in Leesburg? Hang in there!

Apis Melliflora said...

Tomorrow's post will be a how to on tick removal, right?!

That is a crazy start to a crazy day.

Alrighty then, keep calm and carry on.

christy said...

Ick! I hate ticks. Glad you were able to remove it and that you stopped for celebratory donuts.

Tobi said...

That sounds like an intense Monday morning. I'm glad that you survived.

The Queen Vee said...

Those ticks tick me off.

That's all I've got to say....Oh, so glad that you and Soren took that tick off of him.

Sue said...

Bad enough the poor kid gets a tick, but then he has to ask his mom to get it out whilst bearing the family jewels? Oh, RedDog, you are a true man!

Aiketa said...

Sure that was a rough way to start the week.
I had once a tick in my ear. I remember I was at school, I was 7 years old, and I felt itchiness on my ear lobe. At some point I was done with all the itchiness and asked a friend to check what I had there (but never thinking it could be a tick). Her reaction was kind of scary, she was kind of disgusted for what she had seen.
But it didn't turn to be a bad day, I was released of all my student obligations and got to sit at the teacher's table holding a cotton impregnated with olive oil towards my ear. I spent there all the rest of the morning until lunch break when my mother came for me. Then we went to the doctors office and took it away with some really hot tweezers.

I was young and didn't know much about Lymes Disease at the time, but I don't think they ever worried about that. It would be so strange here.