June 25, 2012

The Funny Things He Does …

Mr. Owlie is cracking us all up lately. At least once a day he’s got us gut laughing at something he’s said or done.  Exhibit A:

Wearing safety goggles in the car and insisting he’s “ready to go!”

Exhibit B:

Setting up his own little golf course on the back deck and spending the morning talking to himself, hitting balls and wearing flip flops.

Exhibit C:

Walking around shirtless while carrying this hydrangea bloom and declaring: “It big like my head! It big like my head!”


Exhibit D:

Eating a smoothie.  It’s not funny when anyone else does it, but when he does it and is covered in it and doesn’t even realize it, we can’t help but giggle.

Exhibit E:

Purposefully sleeping UNDER his bed two nights in a row.  {And of course, this moment was made even more funny by Hubby’s photobomb.}

What do your kids do that you find hilarious?


Tobi said...

We went to IKEA last week. I told Alec he was so cool because Cora and I were both holding his hands. He then announced to the whole second floor that he was a STUD! He actually said it really loud. I think I broke a rib laughing. It seems like more and more his personality is coming out and I love it!

MelancholySmile said...

I love the pic of him under the bed! My kids have fallen asleep in weird places and strange positions (remember L on the toilet?) and it's always easy to see the humor because... They're asleep. I always have more patience and a big-picture perspective when they're asleep. ;)

The Queen Vee said...

I have one funny kid that takes pictures of his food and posts them on FB along with every haircut he ever gets. Yeah, you know the one.

Apis Melliflora said...

Thank you for making me laugh...on here and elsewhere, Dragonfly Eyes.

Aiketa said...

I love Owlie's smile on the second photo! He is having so much fun!!! And those little feet and flip flops... to die for!
I didn't wake up this morning sleeping under my bed, but sure I did sleeping with my head at the end of the bed and my feet where the head goes. This happens to me when it's so hot! hahah