June 19, 2012

Favorite Summer Moment So Far …

It happened on a gorgeous evening last week. The two big kids were off with friends, so we only had “the Littles” at home. The Hubby hooked up the sprinkler to give our front lawn a nice drink.

At first Owlie didn’t know what to think. He stood and stared until the water hit him.

Then he enlisted his big brother, RedDog, to investigate the situation.

There was much touching of water with little fingers.  And then there was much running away from the water with delighted giggling.

All that running made for a thirsty Owlie whose pants became mysteriously heavy and slid right off his body!

And all that running made for a hot Owlie who finally decided he should just get right in that sprinkler because it felt so good!

The Hubby and I just sat on the front stairs, watching and smiling as our baby discovered one of the great joys of childhood: a good Summertime run through the sprinkler.  I think it made for a very happy night.  What do you think?

Oh and there was this one moment of brotherly love that I captured on the the camera and will lock away in my heart forever. So yeah, it was pretty much a perfect Summer moment.


Tracie said...

Love love love those kinds of evenings!!! So stinking cute!!!

The Queen Vee said...

So glad you captured on camera because as one ages you tend to forget the perfect moments in life.

Apis Melliflora said...

I'm loving all those baby teeth in that wet-faced smile!

He sure is big, but I can still see the baby in him too.

Tobi said...

Your excellent photography really enhanced your story. I love the last picture where you can see all the water droplets on those cute boys faces.

Meaja said...

Such a cute posting! I guess today will be the day we do the same....capture "those" moments. Still smiling.