May 14, 2012

Teacher Appreciation 2012 …

While Teacher Appreciation week is over, I have one more gift to share with you.  There’s a day each year when the kids get to bring a flower from their yards to give to the teacher.  Unfortunately, we had a complication in our yard this year {more on that later} so I needed an alternative.

Using only what I had on hand, I created a beautiful bloom for RedDog’s teacher that she can keep in her classroom for years to come.

The inspiration came from this Pinterest pin.  I used tissue paper, burlap, scrapbook paper and old dictionary pages to make my petal layers and cut them all freehand. The button came from my sewing box extras and was attached with some crosstitch floss.

Hannie B. helped me wrap a simple wooden kitchen skewer with blue gross grain ribbon and then I stamped a tag with “When You Teach, Children Grow”.

My favorite touch is the center dictionary page on the flower and the leaves.  They actually have the words teach, teacher, learn, and learning on them. It’s always awesome having an old dictionary on hand!

I’m happy to report that RedDog’s teacher LOVED her flower! She felt like a very loved lady last week. This is a great project to pull off last minute and it will stand out from all the other flowers.

If you’d like to download the label for the mints or the paper clips from last week you can click here. If you’d like a pdf version of the Keep Calm and Teach On print, please email me directly.


Apis Melliflora said...

Your favorite detail is mine too! I also like the extra touches of color.

We had teacher bouquet day last week too. And I managed to remember and even add a glossy light green bow. Thankfully, our yard was fully cooperative!

TooTall said...

You never cease to AMAZE me with your imagination and craftiness! Love this idea! How did you attach the skewer to the flower?

The Dragonfly said...

Three words for ya:
Then I covered it with a small circle of cardboard to give it some stability.

The Queen Vee said...

Altered Art perfection....

I'm so happy someone actually uses their pins.

Aiketa said...

So beautiful and clever! Sure the teacher was happy with this different flower, and one that she can keep for as long as she want (which should be forever!).

I like the detail with words.

As always, you nailed it, Samantha.