May 15, 2012

My Spring Gift Giving Go To …

I have a bit of a love affair with my yard this time of year.  It is bursting with color and blooms that make me real darn happy {despite the pollen}.

Last week when I realized it was a friends birthday, I grabbed a small vase and my cutting scissors and headed out to the garden.  Our Knockout rose bushes are completely out of control right now and they were begging to be cut and shared.

I may not ever be a successful gardener of the veggies or fruits variety, but I think I’ve found what I love in a cutting garden. It is a beautiful feeling to walk out into my own yard, take a few snips here or there and create something magnificent to brighten my home or give to someone else.

This summer I plan to research some new blooms for my cutting garden.  I’ve already got irises, Knockout roses, Shasta daisies, and Hydrangeas.  Do you have any suggestions for additions?

Come back here tomorrow to find out what happens when a teenaged boy and a cutting garden go head to head.


Jami Garrett said...

I just took a mason jar of pink peonies to a friend. I love them! They just don't last very long.

Apis Melliflora said...

I think your yard has covered all my favorites. I love the spring blooms, but they're a flash in the pan.

Aiketa said...

These roses are so beautiful! I bet your friend was absolutely happy with the present.

I wish some day I could have a house of my own with garden to have many flowers!!!

Right now I just only have an orchid in my shared flat in Barcelona. At least is something, and orchids are beautiful.