March 21, 2012

This Little Thing Makes Me So Happy …


With the quick change in the weather from cooler to unseasonably warm, Mr. Owlie boy has been sweating it out at night in his footie pajamas.  One night Hannie B. was babysitting and put him to bed in just a diaper.  He didn’t seem to mind.

But then RedDog came to family prayer one night dressed in one of his dad’s t-shirts and Owlie had to be the same as his brother, so RedDog gave him one of his own t-shirts.

Ever since then, we’ve had a little ghost baby running around our house.  It is such a silly little thing – my boy in a nightdress with his chubby little feet poking out the bottom – but by golly, it makes me super happy. And the pajama solution happens to be easy on my ‘less spending’ budget!

What do your kids wear for summer jammies?


Apis Melliflora said...

Love kids in oversized t-shirt jammies. Makes them look so little and precious even when they're big.

The Queen Vee said...

So cute! Kids wearing grownup shirts rock.

AllisonK said...

Love that you have a picture of Christ on the side bar!!! Just noticed.

I adore when the littles wear big people t-shirts! He is so darling.

Aiketa said...


Since I don't have kids, I will answer the question about myself. My Summer jammies are shorts and a fresh and old t-shirt. I have some actual jammies for Summer, but I usually use light normal clothes.