March 20, 2012

Hooray for Volunteering …

Big C came home with a large roll of paper on Friday.  When I asked what it was for, he informed me that he had volunteered to draw the human skeletal system for a group project in his Health class. 

He then proceeded to tell me that he’d told the group, “Oh, my mom is pretty good at drawing stuff.  She’ll help me do it!”.

And so, volunteered as I was, we spent Sunday drawing bones.  He, the hands and feet with all their tarsals and phalanges, me the rest of the dang body.

It was actually fun to be on the floor with my biggest boy, laughing at bone names and the skeewompus way I kept drawing things out of proportion {note: this is a very LONG torsoed, SHORT legged being.}

In the end, I think he was actually proud of our skeleton.  Proud enough that he actually let me take his picture with it.

In other volunteering news, I am currently on the Costume Committee for the Middle School play Thoroughly Modern Millie Jr., in which Hannie B. will perform.  Last week’s tasks included finding a place to purchase twenty long strands of hot pink pearls and researching ways to make long teenage girl hair into flapper styles.   I can thank Pinterest for saving me on that one. Up next, making 20 little secretary costumes for the Speed Test number.

I’ve also been doing a bit of volunteer design work for a rather large endeavor upcoming.  I’ll share more about it later, but for now I can say I’m VERY excited about it!

Hooray for volunteering! Even when I was volunteered by someone else.


Apis Melliflora said...

Could 'dem bones be up-cycled into a Halloween decoration?

You are one fantastic volunteer, using your talents for the benefit of others!

The Queen Vee said...

I know why that skeleton is long waisted and short legged, you were drawing your Nelson skeletal genes. Very good job, Chris made a good choice when he volunteered you for this project.

You're a much better mother mother than me. When Matt was doing theater in HS I did very little to help him w/his costumes. Now I'm feeling guilty.

brendag said...

Great Skeleton!!! Does your upcoming rather large endeavor have anything to do with Youth Conference? Just curious...either way I can't wait to hear all about it.

Aiketa said...

Your skeleton is awesome!!! {It's true that is short legged, bit still really cool!}.

And the picture is fantastic! It feels like the skeleton meets Big C.'s own bones.

Looking forward to hear more about the other projects going on.