February 22, 2012

When Boredom Strikes …

My kids force me to do origami.

We had Monday off for President’s Day so I offered to take them to see a movie – IN THE THEATER.  And they declined.  It had more to do with the choice of shows than anything else, but I was still surprised. I was a little disappointed too because I knew it wouldn’t take long before boredom crept in.

While Big C. was checking his email/facebook, he secretly googled one of his favorite topics: “dollar bill origami”. Then there he was in my face insisting that we needed to make an elephant together.

Funny though because after I got online, previewed all the steps and started folding, he was nowhere to be found.  Hannie B. did show up with a dollar and we muddled our way through the valley and mountain folds together until twenty-one steps later we had a trunky little fellow who stood by himself and inquired about peanuts.

This is my second dollar bill transformation. My first was a heart.  Up next is either a butterfly or an owl. How about you? Have you tried your hand at origami? What do you do with bored kids?



The Queen Vee said...

I don't fold money I just spend it. Bored kids, that's easy....I put them to work. It's amazing how quickly they are no longer bored.

christy said...

Once, the kids and I were on a big origami kick. They found this cool frog they wanted me to make. I was sooo into making it that I was ignoring little Luke (he was about 1 at the time) and he got into black fingernail polish right below me at my feet and got it everywhere and I didn't even notice until I was finished. We all had a good laugh about it later. (Thankfully, it was water based polish of the girls that just washed off with soap and water).

Apis Melliflora said...

If they say "I'm bored," I say "Oh good I need help with this cleaning job." Then, magically, they are no longer bored.

Tobi said...

Bedrooms and chores must be done first. Then we play. Usually by the time everything is clean though they don't want to do anything except play on the computer or watch TV. It's an evil plot but it always works.

TracyS. said...

I made a paper crane once or twice. My daughter wanted to do it to show support for Japan after that big earthquake over there. We didn't really think folding a paper crane helped them but we decided to pray with each fold. Lots of prayers for Japan that day. It was memorable.

Bored kids= more chores.

jd said...

are you kidding?? You FOLDED that? That's so cool with the eye. Looks just like an elephant eye.


Aiketa said...

hahahaha it's funny about what Big C. did! So typical!

I've never been good at origami... maybe I should practice.

That elephant looks great! I vote for an owl for the next creation!

@The Queen Vee, your comment made me laugh! I like your sense humor!