February 1, 2012

Tiny Like Him …

Wegman’s {my favorite grocery store ever} had the tiniest, most perfect little apples this fall for a quarter. I bought one for Owlie and snapped this picture of him with it back in October. I don’t know if this picture does its size justice because Owlie’s hand looks massive, but the apple was about the size of a large bouncy ball. He loved his tiny apple so much and toted it around for a few days before he finally wanted to eat it.

Oh, how I’m loving the sweet phase this little fellow is in right now.  He’s a gem, for sure.  Just a few highlights of his tiny life:

  • Each morning when he wakes up, he stays right in his big boy bed and yells out my name. “Maaaama. Maaama.” When I come into his room, a huge smile spreads across his face and he utters the magic words, “Wanna nuggle me?”
  • The weather has been so unbelievably warm here {66 yesterday!} that we’ve been visiting the parks. He is obsessed with slides.
  • When my mom came over yesterday he told her “Gramma, I miss you so much!”
  • Each morning he and I watch Curious George together. He laughs hard and tells me, “Dat monkey is funny.”
  • We have a little game we play at nap time. I hide his pacifier in this little blanket that has a pocket on the front. Then he has to find it. It’s always in the exact same place, but he acts like it’s a new game every day. Yes, he still has a pacifier during nap time. Don’t judge me.
  • He’s loving Storytime at the local library and music class each week at a friends house.
  • He puts the forks on the table every night for dinner and helps Hannie B feed her bunny. He loves to help.
  • He drank a quarter of a bottle of mouthwash the other day prompting a call to Poison Control.
  • He loves tools, building things, seeing big trucks and eating pretzels, string cheese and gold fish.
  • He won’t sit still in church.
  • He loves to scream at RedDog.
  • He has mastered a fake laugh and a fake cry.
  • He wants bubbles in his bath.

He’s growing up too fast.  I’m enjoying every delicious tiny detail of him.


The Queen Vee said...

I love this age and I miss him too. He was so sweet yesterday, love the pic.

Aiketa said...

Do you know what happened while reading your post?
After reading "Wanna nuggle me?” I made an audible "Ooooooh".
He is the cutest!

squeezeme said...

He is delicious! And I love nuggles too!

Kasey said...

He is so sweet and cute!

Bells said...

He is precious, I'm glad you are enjoying him so much!

Apis Melliflora said...

I love reading about his accomplishments and cute habits.

I want to know what he said after drinking all that mouthwash? Yummy? Minty?