January 31, 2012

Down and Derby …

This past weekend was the Pinewood Derby for RedDog’s Cub Scout Pack.  The night before the Hubby did one last round of calibrations, even going to the extreme of taping a line down our coffee table and making a ramp out of it to test The Car for straightness. He’s serious about the Derby.


RedDog was excited to see all the boys cars with their various designs and paint jobs.


The Derby was also a chance for RedDog to hang out with his best bud. They are glued at the hip and are even in the same class at school this year. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that he has a bestie.


Owlie boy was VERY MUCH into the race.  He watched RedDog’s car with rapt attention. He also got to race his own car in the open heat at the end of the Derby. It lost every time, but he didn’t know that and didn’t care.


This boy, on the other hand, did not lose a single heat. His car won the entire Derby and was voted Most Unique as well. I’m so glad we were all there to cheer him on. He worked very hard on his car and we’re so proud of him!


I love this RedDog boy. That is all.


TracyS. said...

Congrats! I am glad he had such a positive experience!

Aiketa said...

hahahha now I see what I didn't saw yesterday on your fb photo (which is the same as the last one you posted here), THE PINEWOOD CAR!!!

In the fb photo I thought it was a medal... the yellow string on the car being the chain of the medal and some he has on his shirt being the medal itself... hahaha

Congratulations to RedDog and I'm happy you were having a great time together as a family.

Kernal Ken said...

Congratulations to the only Red Dog I know. Not only was he a double winner, he also painted his car in my school colors, West Point Black and Gold! Hoooah!

AllisonK said...

There is so much about this that made me smile. Congratulations.

On a side note we had NO idea that this event was such a big deal, or that there were certain things that were required of each car like weight. At the last minute we were taping quarters to the bottom of the cars and hoping they would stay on for the race. It was pathetic.

The Queen Vee said...

My fav part other than RedDog winning is the first picture of Travis testing the car. They really should make this a father's event.

Jami Garrett said...

Can we just borrow that derby car? :)

Apis Melliflora said...

Derby perfection! So glad his first race was the tops!