February 23, 2012

Mother & Child …


If I had a million dollars, I would commission an artist to paint me a masterpiece of this moment.  I’d call it Mother & Child and I’d hang it on a wall in my home and forever in my heart.

It captures so much of what I love about my life with Owlie right now.

Him, still small enough to fit into my “pocket” – that tiny space my body creates just perfect for him to crawl into when I lay on my side, bend my knees slightly and outstretch my arms.

Me, my arm wrapped around his comforting warmth, my nose resting on the top of his head where I can drink in his delicious still-a-baby boy smell – coconut shampoo mixed with a day’s worth of playing and sunshine.

Him, cheeks rosy, pacifier securely in place, cherub fingers wrapped around mine, blanket pulled up to armpit level to keep all the heat until toes were toasty and warm.

Me, tired from a jam packed Saturday, chilling in a ratty sweatshirt, day two hair and minimal make up knowing the best thing I’m wearing is a smile and this boy at my side.

In this moment he came to me. He was injured and needed comfort. He said the words, “Mama, I nuggle you?” and it was all over. We were there on the couch together, side by side for nearly a half hour. And I memorized every second of it.

It is a masterpiece, this job of motherhood. This raising of little {and big} people.  Every stroke, every color, every shadow, every highlight, every crisp line and every blurry detail. The canvas is not without mistakes. But I really feel like the work I’m doing is turning into something beautiful to behold.

I feel so lucky to be one of the artists.


Apis Melliflora said...

Nuggling is the best. It's a mountaintop mommy moment, to be sure.

The Queen Vee said...

And then the day comes when they're are so tall, strong and big that you find yourself fitting into their pocket.

I agree that Nuggling Owlet pretty much tops the mothering charts right now.

I'm sure all your readers wish they could look so good with two day hair and no makeup.

christy said...

Love. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful moment.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it. Love my cuddle moments with my little guy too. Best thing ever. c

Aiketa said...

Really beautifully written Samantha! Sure it must be one of the best moments in a mother's life.

That and also when you realize that you and your lover have created a beautiful offspring of yours! Yesterday, I met my cousin's newborn son and that moment was a very emotional one!

I think I couldn't be more willing to become a mom (but not in my near future...).

Tracie said...

Amen to 'nuggling! Love the analogy and the beautiful haven you've created for your family. It's great to read this tender post after spending a long ski weekend being a pack mule ;)