February 7, 2012

Liking Little Love Letters …

Today is my birthday which means I have exactly three hundred and sixty-five days until I’m FORTY. If life is actually a hill and I’m on the last upward swing until I’m “over it”, I feel the need to tell my family I love them even more than I do now. So this year I’m trying something new for Valentine’s Day. Each day from now until February 14th I am tucking a little love letter near the pillow of my family members.

Yesterday was the first day I did it and I can already tell it is having the desired effect.  There were smiles on faces and feelings of validation. And there was knowing, because it was confirmed in writing, that they are each positively special to me for specific reasons.

Big C didn’t get his note until he went downstairs in the late evening. I just happened to follow him down to get a laundry basket. When I turned the corner, I saw him pick up the note, read it and smile.  Then he saw me and dropped right back into his cool teenager façade. But I saw the smile.

Even Owlie got a note and he’s been talking all day about his “letter”. How cute is that?

As I sat to write these notes yesterday I had a great feeling of peace sweep over me.  I felt great joy as I channeled all my energy into focusing on the positive and wonderful things that my family members do and are.

So much of my time is spent nagging, instructing, disciplining, etc. My mother language isn’t necessary a yell most of the time, but it’s certainly not roses and butterflies either. An entire day can pass by and when I plop my body down in bed at night I realize I didn’t say the kind of things I needed to in order to lift my family and help them understand my love for them. It can be disheartening. And I am determined to do better.

That’s why these little hearts are making me feel happy. As I express my love for my family, I’m made more aware of it and so are they.

If you’d like to write some little love notes to your family, I’ve included a copy of the pdf here.  Just download, print on white paper or cardstock and cut. {I rounded the corners on mine, because I’m anal like that.}


Apis Melliflora said...

My love letter to you on your birthday:

I love you and all that you do for your family...which happily includes me!

And I'm so glad you write daily on this blog because I read the posts like "little love letters" to all your readers, near and far, commenters and silent types alike!

Anonymous said...

That is really sweet. My Dad used to leave me notes like this, and also in my desk at school when he went to parent-teacher night. I kept them all, and some go back 20 years.

Aiketa said...

Oh this is so sweet. You are such a good mother! Your family is lucky to have you in their lives.

I am also glad, as Apis said, that you write this blog for all of us to read and be inspired. You know that I really admire you and you are inspiring me on the kind of mother I want to be some day.

Happy Birthday Samantha! I wish you the best!!!

AllisonK said...

the love letters are sweet, your children will cherish them.

Happy Birthday!

Stacey Gerlach Moe said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Sam. I hope you have a fantastic day and that your family shows you the love you always show them. You are truly a wonderful woman!! Happy Birthday!

squeezeme said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Sammy dear.... I love all 39 years of you! I hope you have a lovely day filled with all of the love you give so freely. I also your day includes NOT cooking! That's one of my birthday wishes for you.

Lots and lots of love always, but especially today!

LJB said...

Happy Birthday! Just wanted you to know I've been thinking of you today! Hope your birthday's great and filled with lots of fun activities! Love your "Love letters", I'm definitely going to use the idea!

Tracie said...

I love this and have been wanting to do the same thing! Thanks for the cute pdf that makes it funner than a yellow post-it! And I'd like to wish you a very happy birthday, Dragonfly!

Jessie said...

Happy Birthday!! You have the same birthday as my sister. Last night Adam actually showed me that awesome photo of you as a cheerleader posted on Facebook. He had me guess who, and I knew instantly it was you...you have hardly aged. :) I turned 39 last month too, and I'm feeling the fear of the looming "over the Hill."

The Queen Vee said...

Great idea you clever girl I love how you spread the positive love. Written notes are the best and can be reread and reread over and over again.

You'll always be a girl to me even when you're over the hill which by the way is a long way off.

Meaja said...

Again happiest 30's Birthday ever! You are truly inspiring in all you do and say, thank you. 39 schmoogy swine...many people are youth challenged...you are NOT. Meant that in a very complimentary way. ;)

The Queen Vee said...

Couldn't download the PDF.