January 7, 2012

Quick & Easy: Tween Gift


Hannie B. had a birthday party to go to on Saturday. It was a photo scavenger hunt. At the MALL. I cried a little before I sent her out the door.  Nothing says 'verge of teenagedom' like the Mall.  And nothing says tweenage gift like glittery nail polish and an iTunes card.

Hannie picked out the shades of polish and I promised to help her wrap it up cute - because presentation really is everything and how boring is a regular old gift bag? Here's what we did in four easy steps:

1. Upcycle a wooden box a Christmas toy came in and add some hot pink paper shred.
2. Add the gift.
3. Slip it into a cello bag. {I hereby proclaim my love of cello bags. Again.}
4. Tie it with some obnoxious purple glittered zebra ribbon and a big tag designed by Hannie herself.

So, for $15, we ended up with a sassy, cute and affordable gift for a tween. Would your 12 year-old love it? For a few other gift wrapping ideas, read here and here.

PS. It only took me all weekend to figure out how to center the title on this silly blog! But I did it and a happy dance definitely ensued.

PPS. Did anyone else watch Downton Abbey last night?  The Hubby laughed at me because I watched all of the Season One episodes last night before the new season started and then almost cried when the first episode was over.  How do I love a show so much?


Apis Melliflora said...

Great gift and wrap... especially the upcycle wooden box. Do you buy your cello wraps on line, on sale, at an outlet?

I'll have to wait for Downton Abbey on DVD =(

The Queen Vee said...

Sweet, what girl wouldn't love all that color both in wrapping and for nails....especially that cool purple zebra ribbon :-)

Kasey said...

Super Cute!

kkerr said...

You have the best ideas! I could never come up with something like that (or any of your ideas)on my own. Thank you for sharing. I was dying for the return of Downton Abbey. I wish they would just let us watch it all at once. The suspense is killing me!