January 24, 2012

My Frugal Helium …


Yesterday was a double whammy! It was my sweet Hubby’s birthday.  But it was also a teacher workday, so I had all four kids in the house. My plan was to put them all to work to help me make the birthday boy feel extra special. My plan was not their plan.

I did manage to convince Big C and RedDog to help me with one project involving balloons. Buying forty-one helium filled balloons didn’t fit into my current “spend less” lifestyle. Instead, we went to Target, bought a $2.50 bag of balloons, and Big C and I proceeded to blow forty-one of them up while fighting the urge to pass out.

Then in assembly line fashion, we tied ribbons, made tape wads and attached the balloons to the ceiling.  Viola! Instant free helium!


When Owlie awoke from his nap, he was giddy with excitement and kept telling me about the ‘Balloon Show’. It took a moment, but we finally figured out he was referring to the movie UP, which he and RedDog then watched while I cleaned up the messes everywhere from birthday prep.

One of those messes, unfortunately, was the cake. It was bad.  More on that tomorrow. For now, we're going to enjoy our happy, balloony house.



Apis Melliflora said...

Everyone should cover the ceiling with colorful balloons at least once a year. It's an instant mood lifter.

I am feeling very happy looking at the Hubby's balloons! So cheerful!

The Queen Vee said...

I think you made two men very happy yesterday, one who's very tall and one who's very small....balloons just scream party don't they?

squeezeme said...

Happy 41st Trav! What festive decor to celebrate!
Big C, I had no idea you were filled with that much hot air! :)

TracyS. said...

love it! I can relate to the frustration of a cake mess. Sorry for you, but at least the house looked great!

AllisonK said...

LOVE IT! We will have to do this here.

Aiketa said...

Genius idea!!! I will use this little trick (balloons attached to the ceiling) for my next party! It's just awesome.

I hope Travis had a great day!