January 23, 2012

Family Motto 2012 …

Each January the Hubby and I unveil a motto to our children that we hope we can focus on for the year. Near the end of last year I began in earnest to pray, thoughtfully consider and study out what I thought the needs of our family were. When the Hubby and I came together to talk about our ideas for a family motto, we were delighted – and surprised - to find we’d each narrowed it down to the same thing. This is proof to me that God has his hand in the intricate details of our lives!

Last year’s theme, Be At Peace, was born out of a desire for less contention in our home.  I can’t say that there was always peace. I can’t even say that there was peace a majority of the time. But I can say that during times of contention, I was able to ask the kids, “Are you being peaceful?” and at least they’d stop to think about it {before resuming fighting}.

This year our family motto is:

The Hubby and I both have strong convictions about God, Jesus Christ and our church which direct the actions of our every day lives. Our hope is that our children will gain these same convictions for themselves. So this year we are challenging each of them to do an experiment upon the word of God. To take what they read in scripture, learn in church and hear from their parents and spiritual leaders and actually put it to the test to find out for themselves whether or not it is true.

When explaining this motto to the kids, we talked first about scientific experiments and why they are done - to correctly prove or disprove a hypothesis. We then gave them time to think of a specific hypothesis that they would like to prove during our year of experimenting. The Hubby and I also chose hypotheses because we are never to old to gain more understanding of God’s truth.

Just like in a scientific experiment, after doing our experiment during the year, we will come together to discuss the conclusions we’ve reached after thinking about {or analyzing} our results.
We believe that gaining this knowledge of truth on their own will empower our children, guide them throughout their lives and help them to face whatever difficulties may lie ahead for them.

It’s always better when our motto is front and center, so I put together a framed version of our motto using
pages from an old set of scriptures, some Modge Podge and lots of glitter. It’s sitting on our mantle for now.

So here’s to a new motto – one that’s a more about independent desire and study instead of interactions with other family members. I think it might go well {fingers crossed!}.

PS. In case you’re interested, this scripture (Alma 32:27) was the catalyst for our motto.

PPS. Happy Birthday to my Hubby.  I'm really, really glad he was born!


Waddoup and whats going down said...

we kind of do the same thing but its a family theme..This year is a literasry theme last year was self reliance/survival. i like the idea of making a motto and putting it somewhere in the living room :) thanks

Apis Melliflora said...

I look forward to hearing about everyone's experiments and experiences this year!

And thumbs up on the paper, glitter presentation of the theme too. Inspiring art!

The Queen Vee said...

My kind of diet with the only things getting fat are my knowledge and spirit.

MelancholySmile said...

I love that you guys have a motto for each year! Last year, I swore we would too but never got around to it. This year?

PS love the glitter!

AllisonK said...

I can't tell you how much I love that you do this!!! Your theme is beautiful. I'm going to have to suggest something tonight at FHE

Danielle said...

love this. i wonder if it was a little weird tearing out pages from the scriptures? or no? i think i'd make my husband do it. ;) regardless, love it. well done!

Aiketa said...

I like your family motto for this year! Well, and so I did last year.
I really love the idea of having a Family Motto, I think it makes the family grow together.