January 5, 2012

Family Togetherness: Reminiscing …

We took the kiddoes bowling over Christmas – a family tradition the Hubby and I have had since we married. It was Owlie’s first time and it was all sorts of awesomeness.

First, they gave him the absolute cutest pair of tiny bowling shoes ever. It was all I could do to restrain myself from walking right out of the bowling alley with them.

Next, the Lee siblings lined up to help the tiny man send his ball down the lane. This resulted in all sorts of techniques that elevated his score to epic proportions. Every time he released the ball he’d turn around and jump up and down saying “I did it!”

I imagine this view of all the colorful balls lined up was a bit like a gumball machine to Owlie. He couldn’t keep his hands off of them! Unfortunately, a smashed finger was going to happen so we had to corral the fellow, which he didn’t love.

He was very patient while waiting for his turn and also quite supportive of the other bowlers, which included our Papa {who has HIS OWN BALL}. Owlie was oblivious to the serious bowling competition occurring between his dad, his oldest brother and his Papa, but I was not and it was hilarious.

In the end he only lasted two thirds of the way through the first game. Then he decided the video games behind our lane were more fun. But I think he’ll definitely bowl again. Which is good, because we do it every Christmas!

Did you do anything unusual over the break?


The Queen Vee said...

Dad loved bowling w/ your Fam. I love one of these pictures of Owlet more than the others....can you guess which one?

Apis Melliflora said...

I guess our unusual or most *precious* (and in our case, kind of geeky) Christmas tradition is watching the extended versions of the Lord of the Rings trilogy over break.

I still have a crush on Viggo as Aragorn.

Anonymous said...

What a fun tradition and sweet photos to prove it.

Sue said...

Booby! We went bowling with Becky's family on New Year's Eve day. Mack lasted about 5 frames, then he was done.