July 18, 2011

Two. Already?

The Owlie turned two over the weekend. A very small part of me wanted to totally ignore his birthday because then he wouldn’t  get any older. Seriously. Two?  How on earth did that happen?

We snuck over to the old farmhouse in our neighborhood for a quick birthday photo shoot.  It didn’t go too great.  But after bribing my boy with a lolly, he sad still for a second and grinned like a fool.

His birthday was low key but happy.  He got to play outside with the hose for an hour and his cousin Sam even played human target.


Then our in-town family joined us for cupcakes and presents.  The birthday boy ate three! cupcakes and blew out his candles all by himself, clapped and danced while we sang to him, and oohed and aahed as he opened gifts.


We love you Owlie boy.  Two years has flown by.


Apis Melliflora said...

Please continue to be adorable, funny, smart and cute as a three year old. You will be saying all sorts of funny things this year. Can't wait to hear about them!

Aiketa said...

My heart is melting! Sure this Owlie is adorable!! I love all the things he likes doing at two and how he celebrated his birthday: blewing the candles by himself, clapping, dancing and eating three cupcakes!

The Queen Vee said...

Two, how did that happen?

brendag said...

He is absolutely adorable!!!

TracyS. said...

That smile is too much! Happy birthday

MelancholySmile said...

Two years already? This strikes fear into my heart because little baby R is not far behind. Is it just me or is the last baby the most bitter-sweet?