July 19, 2011

Summer Is Perfect For . . .


A trampoline and and sprinkler!

Last week I had my nephew Sam for a few days.  He is a fish and begged me each day to take him to the pool. The first day we had a massive storm roll through.  No Pool.  The second day RedDog had a red eye.  After a visit to the doctor and a diagnosis of pink eye, once again I had to tell Sam “No Pool.”

But that didn’t mean we couldn’t get out the sprinkler and cool little boy bodies off on the trampoline.  Those two monkeys were out there for two hours!  When I called them in for lunch they whined that they weren’t hungry.

After lunch they got back on for two more half hour jump-a-thons. I’m pretty sure I sent Sam home a tired, jumped out puppy.


We’re in for record breaking heat here in the next two days. I’ll be pulling that sprinkler out again for the jumping set.


brendag said...

Our kids love the trampoline/sprinkler combo too! It is such great exercise!

Apis Melliflora said...

Perfect combo for hot active boys!

The Queen Vee said...

Pefect combo for wearing Samuel out, I bet he's been begging his mom to bring him back to your house, hose and trampoline.