July 22, 2011

Summer Is Perfect For . . .


Attacking a juicy piece of watermelon! And I love how my owl does it with such enthusiasm!

It is very hot here.  We’re doing everything we can to stay cool.  Homemade ice cream, cold watermelon,a lemonade stand and a dip in the unfortunately lukewarm pool.

Mostly just hanging out indoors with all the blinds down and the A/C blasting. Honestly, it’s almost too hot to think.

Hope you keep cool over the weekend.

Up next week:  a family reunion recap!


The Queen Vee said...

That watermelon looks cool and yummy especially as I just came in from outdoors where it is sweltering and humid. Owlet looks yummy too!

Apis Melliflora said...

We're hot here too. And hosting the neighborhood party tonight. I think the star attraction will be water in many forms.

Aiketa said...

I read one of the Queen's status on facebook last week saying the temperature you have been having lately in VA, and that was really hot!!!

I am so happy of the weather here in Oulu (Finland) when it is sunny because it's like spring. Nice warm sun but not too much.

But I really miss fruit, here they don't have as much as in Spain. I only had watermelon once, but Finnish strawberries are the best I've ever tasted.

Tobi said...

That attacking watermelon face is priceless. Go Owlet go!

TooTall said...

I have this machine and never have used it. Maybe I need to get it out and TRY it out!