July 27, 2011

Beach Reunion: Other Random Fun . . .

We had more tricks up our sleeves to keep kids happy at the beach this year.  The Queen thought to bring a ream of white paper, markers and colored pencils in case anybody wanted to draw.  Little did she know that kids and adults alike would draw until an entire gallery had been installed on the main room windows.  It was awesome and inspiring! 


I had a special activity in store for the little girls inspired by this post over at DesignMom.  I spent some of my beach down time sketching out dresses for the little girls to water color. I was pretty surprised that they each spent multiple hours painting their sixteen dresses {all I had time for}. Each girl went home with her own book of fashion.


One night we all agreed frozen custard from the boardwalk was in order. Since our house was about a mile and a half from the beach we opted to take a trolley into town. Unfortunately, the trolley was a no-show, so we hoofed it instead – even the little ones!


The walk was long for small people, but the custard and the gorgeous sunset were worth it.  We got to walk past “Chief Little Owl”, the town totem pole and then my little Owl and I shared a delicious cone!


Luckily the trolley was available for the ride home.  Twenty of us singing “On Top Of Spaghetti” on a trolley in a beach town.  I will NEVER forget it!


Apis Melliflora said...

Your 16 dresses were amazing. The pictures don't do them justice.

The sing along was the best. Thomas and I wish we had a radio station that played such tunes around here.

The Queen Vee said...

Random act of fun are often the best and most memorable. Singing on the truly ranks up there pretty high for this reuinon.