June 20, 2011

A Farewell Teacher Gift In Six Easy Steps . . .

I’m playing catch up this week, blogging about all the things that happened last week because I was too busy playing single mom and throwing parties to document personal life.  Hope you’ll join me.

Last week I threw together teacher gifts for the elementary set to say thanks for a fantastic year.  Here’s what I did in six easy steps:

I purchased a PeiWei gift card for each teacher. It went into a take out box {Michaels Craft} with some paper shred.  It totally didn’t hurt that the cards come packaged in a snazzy little red and black tin.

The kids helped me come up with five ‘fortunes’ that applied to their teachers.  Think, “Sunny days filled with enjoyment are near”. We cut 4 inch round circles from scrapbook paper.

Using glue dots as adhesive, we folded the circles until they resembled a cookie shape.

Five ‘fortune cookies’ went into each box.

I designed a label on full sheet sticker paper for each box letting the teacher know we were “So ‘fortune’ate to call her teacher.

A quick piece of leftover ribbon with an Asian vibe finished the boxes off and the kids took them to school on the last day.

I had most of the supplies for this project on hand, so the cost came down to the gift card.  The teachers loved it and the kids and I had fun.

I’ll post a printable the label soon if you’d like to shelf this idea for next year.  Sorry I didn’t get it up sooner – I’ve had the idea for weeks but it has been madness around here!

Happy Monday!


Aiketa said...

Like always, GREAT idea, Samantha!
You are an ENDLESS (this time correctly written) source of ideas for crafts and fun staff!

Apis Melliflora said...

I'm telling you: you need a little button icon on your blog for "brilliant gift ideas." Another conceptually clever visual feat!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so very clever, Sam. Those lucky teachers.
Would you ever consider teaching (for $) a craft workshop? Sign me up. I want to learn about lable paper, cool fonts, sources for these. The creativity comes at birth, I know. So, I can't do much about that.
BIG fan.

MelancholySmile said...

So creative! I especially love the many-patterned fortune cookies.

The Queen Vee said...

Your lucky numbers are 13, 11, 8 and almost 2. Your fortune...."You are a blessed, clever and happy woman. Our fortune, "We are blessed to know you and be part of your life."

I'd say those teachers were FORTUNate to have your kiddos in their classes.

tktakesphotos said...

I humbly grovel at your creative and crafty feet. I love all of your ideas.

Emily said...

What a great idea and we finally got a Pei Wei close to us. Yea!