February 24, 2011

Random Musings: Winter Blahs Edition . . .


{If you are new to Random Musings, welcome to the posts where I spout completely unrelated thoughts that are swirling around in my muddled brain. These are the thoughts I have that are too small to write entire posts about, but too good to pass up entirely.} 

This, unfortunately, is the face my Mr. Ollie makes when I say “Smile!”. It is also the face he makes when he knows he’s in trouble. We’ve been seeing a lot of this face lately.

When it comes to chopping onions, I’ve always been a crier. Then my friend Jennie taught me a trick over Christmas: don’t breathe through your nose when you’re chopping onions and you won’t tear up.  And it works like a charm. Weird?

Big C has grown five inches in the last year. His new pants are highwaters, his old pants are shorts and his shoes hurt his feet. I’ve only got about four inches on him.  And this girl named Ashley won’t stop emailing him. I need the growing up to stop.  NOW!

I’m not good at doing laundry.  I can’t get a white sock clean to save my life. In this house we have gray socks.  Gray socks that used to be white. Any tips would be more than welcomed. My only redemption – I’m an expert folder. I could’ve worked at The Gap.

Hannie B. is looking for a way to make money.  Three hundred dollars to be exact.  She’s pining for an Ipod Touch and momma ain’t buying it.  Do you need an artsy, craftsy, piano playing drama queen to babysit your kids or watch your dog this summer? Give me a call.

Is it wrong that I feel very grumpy about these environmentally friendly light bulbs that are taking over the planet? The ambiance loving decorator in me can’t stand their cold blue/green fluorescence. And the impatient in me can’t stand to wait for a light bulb to get fully light over time.  The Hubby and I have gone to the mats over them. And unfortunately, I lost.

I need to exercise.  But I don’t want to. But I need to. Don’t want to. Need. Want.  AAAAAAACK! {My mind could argue with itself over this one ALL day.}

RedDog has earned a new nickname in our house.  He is now known as The Great Half-Doer. As in he only does half of what he’s asked.  “Please put your laundry away” ends up as laundry on the floor . . . in front of the dresser.  “Please hang up your backpack” becomes the backpack set just near enough to his cubby to touch it but not be in it.  “Please clean up the Legos” translates into Legos shoved under the bookshelf and dresser.  It is perplexing. And annoying.

I got a very random phone call yesterday from a woman I’d never met telling me that my name had been offered up as a hopeful candidate to be our elementary school’s PTA President. I’m so bad, I laughed out loud when she said it.  And then I asked her who on earth gave her my name.  Then I went on and on about having two middle schoolers next year and a baby in diapers and not attending a single PTA meeting in the past three years.  By the end of the call, I think she realized I was not the right person for the job.

I have a stack of books on my bedside table calling me to read them.  And they are good ones, too.  But I have not given in.  Because I know if I do, I’ll ignore my children, my spouse, my school commitments, my crazy house, eating food and doing laundry for days on end.  Wait  a minute . . .

PS.  Want to start your day out happy?  Watch this.  Now I can’t stop smiling.


Aiketa said...

Owlie's face is priceless! Sure he is so clever, with this face it must be really difficult to tell him off!

I'm taking your advice about onions, I am also a crier and I hate it.

Apis Melliflora said...

I'm impressed that you can gather your random thoughts all together in one place. Mine flit in and out of my consciousness, refusing to be reigned in.

I have the same internal debate about exercise.

You would be a great PTA president, but that's in an alternate reality where you would WANT to be PTA president and weren't as committed to every single member of your family.

My kids are all half-doers...um, who am I kidding, I am sometimes too.

Tobi said...

I despise the energy saving light bulbs.

I think it's wonderful that your making Hannah earn her own money for her own technology.

That's wonderful advice about onions. I will have to remember that.

Alec and Cora have been waking up all month long crying that their legs hurt. They seem to take it in one week shifts. I've already replaced their winter wardrobe and when summer arrives even more money will be departing from our bank account.

christy said...

I love your random musings, partly because I can relate to so many of them...

Addy is also itching to earn some money and just passed out "mother' helper" business cards to some of our neighbors with young kiddos.

The energy saver bulbs, I am with you. We have 'em and I hate 'em.

I, too, need to exercise but really, really can't make myself do it. And it makes me feel super lazy since 3 of the 4 Wilson sisters are training for half marathons this summer. Swimsuit time is quickly approaching and it scares me!

And I think you need to let everything go and read a good book for a day or two so Ollie can help himself to a pack of gum and sharpie his face like Claire did. It was so totally worth it.

Good luck with it all!! :)

The Queen Vee said...
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Kernal Ken said...

Enjoyed reading the random musings of an otherwise highly-organized mind.

REALLY DELIGHTED to follow your link to watch Nie Nie skiing! She is one amazing woman with a support group and family that are wonderful.

The Queen Vee said...


That is the Hannie B/Owlet face....he's turning into a rascal.

Thanks to low water washers nothing gets clean anymore.

That Jennie, she knows her stuff!

I will have to think up some little jobs for Hannie B. I think she could come and help me clean once a week.

Don't even get me started on the light bulbs, thanks to the government the Chinese are making money and our lights are dimming.


You would have been a terrific PTA Pres but I'm glad you got out of it. That would be like going into politics.

Big C is just about to top me, I'm happy he's growing but sad that I'm shrinking. A few years ago he would still have an inch to grow to top me but that inch of height on me migrated to my waist.

Maybe we'll have to start calling Red Dog... Half Dog.

Jessie said...

I actually think you would make a fantastic PTA president. I can totally see why someone anonymously recommended you. You are all the qualities {organized, committed, smart, caring, fun, leadership ability} except maybe the right timing. My friend is our PTA prez and she says she could have never done it when her kids were still home. Maybe when Ollie goes to school you could reconsider?

The Dragonfly said...

Thanks for the compliment Jessie. Unfortunately, here the PTA is a little too political for me. I've chosen, instead to volunteer individually in my kids classrooms so they see me at the school. I'm not a huge PTA momma.

squeezeme said...

Hate the lightbulbs....

Get chickens and hannie b can sell the eggs....but there is lots of poop and a bit of an investment, but lots of valuable lessons....

Jenny is a fountain of fabulous tips....

Let's not let my Grace and your Red Dog marry.....nothing would ever get done...or only half of life would get fully done.

Anderson Zoo Keepers said...

I'd have flown out there to stop you if you'd decided to be PTA President. Some around here think I'm moving just so I can quit (and they wouldn't be entirely wrong). It's eaten me alive. I hate it. HATE it.

I could comment on all the rest of it but I'm so focused on telling you repeatedly to RUUUUUUNNNNNNN!!!!

But yes, you'd be great. Which is why it would eat you alive.

Anonymous said...

Put dry dishwashing detergent in with your whites. It can be used in addition to bleach if you use bleach. Use about a 1/2 cup to a load.

Burton's blog said...

A good friend here with 10 yr, old triplets has helped her girls start a very lucrative business of making hair accersories for girls. Flowers, bows, and headbands all designed by her girls and handmade. Just an idea for your super creative Hannie!

Burton's blog said...

P.S. I have finally embraced my six foot tall son patting my head on his way out the door as if I am a little sister. I like to pretend it is his way of giving me a hug! Embrace the teenage growth spurts because you can't stop them!