February 23, 2011

How To Celebrate The Cinema In Style . . .


A surprise package showed up on my doorstep a few days ago.  As I anxiously opened it, little flecks of gold glitter jumped from the box and began to stick to my skin. I couldn’t help but smile. I just had a feeling it was going to be good.

My friend through blogging, the always classy Melancholy Smile, sent a little box containing goodies and some advice to properly outfit our home for the viewing of the Academy Awards this Sunday.  And since she and her husband {a film maker} are pretty well known for their fantastic family forays into film {check out this ‘Christmas card’ and you’ll be hooked}, I’m pretty sure they know their stuff!

With permission, I’d like to share with you

 Melancholy Smile’s

Oscar Worthy Traditions:


1. Eat pretentiously. Gather champagne glasses of sparkling cider or Pellegrino. Dine on hors d’ oeuvres, chocolates, cheesecake and such.


2. Wear something Red Carpet worthy. Be it a ball gown or fancy perfume, pretend you are in attendance.


3. Decorate accordingly. Movie posters, film canisters, anything glittering, black, red or gold.


4. Vote! Fill out an Oscar ballot and compete to see who can accurately predict the most Oscar winners.


5. Award something gold to the winner. When they make their acceptance speech, turn on music halfway through and kick them off the sate.

There you have it!  I’ve already voted and will be decked out on Sunday, eating artichoke hearts on little toasts, rocking my Prada perfume, tossing glittery stars into the air and hoping, just hoping that I win the Ferrero’s.  I’m up against the Queen who took the other ballot. 

Funny thing is, I think we’ll come out dead even since we’re both hoping The King’s Speech takes it all.  Come on – it’s Colin Firth.

Thanks Melancholy Smile . . . your package made my day!


Apis Melliflora said...

How very clever and glamourous! My favorite is the teeny tiny bottle of perfume. {I have a friend who once told me "Every girl needs a little Prada in her life.} Smells like a fabulous evening to me.

Victoria said...

I'll be quessing most of the winners as I've only seen one of the nominated movies, The King's Speech, in my opinion is Oscar worthy. That Melancholy sure knows how to make a girl feel special and throw a fab party.

Aiketa said...

These are such brilliant ideas! The bad thing here is that in Spain is too late to be up watching the ceremony on TV, so never saw it all. Only what appears next day on the news.
Here, in Europe, we have Eurovision, which is a musical European contest. With my friends we usually see it together and enjoy the show. It's lots of fun and also a tradition now.

Anonymous said...

I love this package. You have some seriously creative friends. How about I drop on by and watch the Oscars at your house? Okay? All right I'll be right over. =)

Emily said...

It's really sad when you haven't seen one of the shows that have been nominated.