February 14, 2011

Happy Love Day!


Cupid painted the sky pink this morning to remind us it’s Love Day!  I woke up early to make heart shaped biscuits for my babies and we drank our milk in fancy stemware. Then I sent them out the door armed with homemade Valentines for their classmates and a delicious apple for their teachers.




Tonight we’ll have our Big Red Valentine’s Dinner. On the menu: lasagna, green salad with raspberries, red jell-o and for dessert – molten lava cakes. We’ll end the day with a round or two of Just Dance to work off the dinner and make the kids laugh. 

The Hubby and I celebrated our love this weekend so today could be all about the kids.  We do love them so even though they’re cranky, argumentative, disrespectful and downright sassy.

Happy Love Day!  Hope it’s a great one.


Audrey Carlson said...

It was an amazing Valentine sunrise!!!

Victoria said...

Here, here on the Sunrise. Glad you took a picture, I meant to but was rushing around trying to get to the gym on time. I kept looking out the windows though checking it out, it was amazing.

squeezeme said...

Your sunrise must have been your Valentine's card from God. Perfect!

Apis Melliflora said...

My lunch is mirroring your dinner: tortellini & meatballs in tomato sauce and raspberries on a salad.

Hope the crankiness disappears by the time the dancing starts.

Wow on the sunrise.

Happy Valentines Day!

AllisonK said...

Preparing for our sweetheart ball here. It's one of the children's favorite traditions.

Dash said he wanted to come to your house when he saw your treats. You up for a 3 year old.

Kasey said...

Happy Love day to you and your cute family.

Aiketa said...

What an amazing sunrise! Yesterday my sunrise was awful, just white sky, all covered with clouds.
I like how you celebrate Valentine's Day, not only celebrating your love for your partner but also for your children, classmate... I have always seen people celebrating the partner love on Valentine's Day... but I like your aprouch!