January 3, 2011

Random Musings: New Year Edition . . .

  • We’ve watched about fifty hours of home videos over the holiday break which has helped me realize two things: I say a whole lot of really stupid, annoying things and my Hubby has spent way too much time in the past thirteen years filming me from behind.
  • My first goal of the new year is to get off my butt and exercise.  It will not be hard to do after seeing said butt in fifty hours of video footage.
  • In twenty days my Hubby will turn 40.  I am looking for great birthday ideas for a man who doesn’t want hoopla.  Although why he wouldn’t is beyond me.  I just like saying it – hoopla.
  • We just finished watching season one of the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes show on DVD.  It is genius and you should watch it.  Seriously – genius. Did you know I secretly want to be British?
  • Big C got Axe body spray in his stocking for Christmas.  He just left me smelling pretty delish.  I am worried about what the girls at school may do to him.  Remember Polo cologne and Drakkar Noir? Yikes.
  • The Ollie boy hates nursery at church.  Never in the history of Lee children have we had a nursery hater.  I don’t really know what to do.  Ideas? Maybe if nursery were a drawer filled with kitchen gadgets, he would like it better?
  • Tonight during Family Home Evening we will unveil our family theme for the year.  Remember last year we did this? I’ve been thinking about this year’s theme since about October.  It is very appropriate and needed. 
  • We got some sad news over the holidays.  One of Big C’s buddies/teammates was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  He begins his chemotherapy today.  Say a little prayer for Chris Cicalese.
  • I hope you had a great, safe New Year’s Eve and are off and running already in 2011.


Sue said...

I ditto the "get off my butt and exercise" sentiment. I did really good this year until it got cold in October. To make things worse I threw all self-control out the window on my eating. I'm up 5 pounds and feeling gross, so today I'm back to counting calories and hopefully I can get some ice skating in this afternoon.

Dude, teenaged boys wearing yummy cologne? Torture!

Prayers going up for Chris C.

Stacey Gerlach Moe said...

So sorry to hear about Big C's buddy. No child should have to go through this. Prayers are being offered!!!

Bells said...

I've secretly always wanted to be British too! You have to watch two of my favorite BBC offerings. Little Dorritt and the series Larkrise to Candleford. They are great!

The Queen Vee said...

Am I an anglophile, am I a queen?

I have the first season of Larkrise to Candleford.

Slogging my way through the almost 900 page bio of The Queen Mum, a gift from my sister.

Oliver looks like an ad for IKEA kitchen cabinets, drawers so strong they can old 18 month old.

Cancer is not for wimps and sure shouldn't be for anyone younger than 60. Praying for Chris, I hate cancer.

Tobi said...

Cora hated nursery. She would cry as soon as we started approaching the dreaded room. So I would stay with her until she was happy and distracted then I would leave. Then she would cry and the nursery leader would come get me. This went on for several months. Then the magical day arrived when Cora decided that she loved nursery.

squeezeme said...

I want to be Britsh too! Perhaps a bringing a little "lovey" to nursery might help or....a little mom and child playdate with other youngsters in the class....I believe in miracles so we will pray for Chris C!

Apis Melliflora said...

No hoopla for the 40th, huh? That sounds vaguely familiar.

Why not make it just about the two of you? A night at a posh hotel in D.C. with 40 small surprises along the way?

My heart goes out to Chris' friend; prayers for him and his family. May there be joy along the way.

Ollie, you're just your own little man, aren't you?!

Linda said...

I shall pray with all my heart for your "Big C" to be a brave friend for Chris C. and for Chris C. not to know fear and find an untapped inner strength which I surely know is there. Love, Linda

Burton's blog said...

Can't walk down my basement stairs without the smell of AXE hitting me like a brick wall. I believe it is the official smell of puberty!

Aiketa said...

First, about the picture: Is Ollie's hair becoming blonder each day?
Just last weekend we threw a surprise party for my father who turned 60 in December. It was family and was such a huge success. But I guess if he doesn't want something big, Apis Melliflora idea is great! Celebrate it just the two of you.
Good luck with your teenager to be soon son.
I send all my positive thinking and well wishes for Chris. Hope he has a easy way towards healing. I hate with all my heart cancer!