April 26, 2010

The Buzz, The Busy and Some Business . . .

We had a great weekend here and are heading straight into what is going to be a jam packed few weeks. I'm hoping to keep updates regularly coming on the blog, but am also trying to recognize my limits, so bear with me if things get sparse.  Wanna know what I'm talking about?  Here it is:

The Buzz:
  • All three kids won in all three games this weekend.  Hannie B. even got to pitch for two innings - a first that had her glowing from head to toe. Lesson learned: Trying new things, though scary, brings great rewards.
  • Due to extra commitments on the Hubby's part, I actually got to mow the lawn and do most of the other yard work this weekend.  Lesson learned: I miss getting my hands in the dirt and improving our exterior surroundings.  Big props go to Owlie for taking extended naps so I could commune with nature.
  • Four kids with four colds is not fun.  Why can't my seven year old blow his own nose?  Why does my ten year old blow so hard she gets a bloody nose?  Why is my infant son's nose a chappy little snot faucet? Ponder and get back to me on these.
  • In honor of being nine months old, Owlie has slept through the past three nights.  I cannot emphasize enough what a difference eight straight hours of sleep do for me.  I am like a new woman.  One without dark circles under her eyes.  One who can conquer the world! Really, I can conquer the laundry and dishes, but that is MY world.  I took Owlie for a little ride on our tree swing yesterday to celebrate.
The Busy:
In the next three weeks the following things need to occur in addition to my regular life:
  • Wrap up graphic design job for Stake Girls Camp Director.
  • Host Primary Pajama/Ice Cream Sundae party for 80 kids 11 and under.
  • Send off reunion T-shirt design.
  • Continue Audrey's challenge to improve the health of my life.
  • Mail baby gift to Kasey.
  • Mail April giveaway to Laura.
  • Gather, price and sell "junk" in community Yard Sale.
  • Celebrate birthday of nephew.
  • Prep and paint basement.
  • Attend or chauffeur to 18 baseball games and 9 baseball practices.
  • Attend leadership meeting for church calling.
  • Spend quality time with visitors: cousin Tobi, Aunt Julie & girls and sister Melissa.
  • Help Hubby put together Mother's Day gift for church women.
  • Rock Top Secret decorating job for a friend (more on this later . . . it is REALLY BIG).
The Business:
  • I owe an apology to those of you who follow my photo blog.  I am tired of cheating on my new computer {Jacob} with my old computer {Slowpoke}.  Until I can get some good photo editing software on the new computer, the photos will continue to come up in batches based on my patience with the severe slowness of the old computer.  I am taking lots of pictures, though, so be patient. Go check it out today to see my cute baby who I rarely post pictures of.  {Ha!}


AllisonK said...

I didn't know you had a photo blog! Lovely. Lovely!

Hope the colds heal soon (we have them here at well) so you can get everything done.

The Queen Vee said...

Your list exhausts me, I must be getting old!

Owlie, you're sleeping through night just in time, your mom needs her sleep if she is going survive the next 3 months. Keep it champ!

May everyone's nose get back to normal, pronto!

Apis Melliflora said...

Whew! Owlie needs to give you a few more 8 hour nights before Mother's Day (as an early gift), so that you can get it all done.

But even without sleep, I know that somehow you will not only manage, but rock it out!

Kasey Hunt said...

Yeah, for getting sleep. I'm looking forward to Waylon sleeping through the night... hopefully soon. You are looking good, for having your plate so full of things to do!!! I too, have a list but don't know where to start!

Tobi said...

Hooray I'm so excited to visit! I'm also super excited to be mentioned on your blog! Makes me feel all squishy inside.