March 24, 2010

A Simpler Life In 2010 . . .

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I have spent the day trying to wrap my brain around a way to simplify packing for our five day trip. No matter how I try, I am still face with six people's worth of stuff.  And the crazy part is that the infant child - he who is as tall as my shin bone - has more stuff than all of us combined.  I may or may not be taking as much luggage as you see in this picture.

Add in piano practice, baseball practice, quizzing for three tests, laundry folding, dinner prep, gift making, a dog bite, a school bully, a bulging tooth, a headachy mom and what do you get?

An unorganized 'organizer' blogging late at night and thinking in the back of her brain that it would sure be easier to just leave the kids and run off with the cute Hubby for five days.  Oh wait, we're doing that in October.

I'll get my act together folks.  It just might not be until I get back.

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Emily said...

I always think it's more work to leave home than stay home. Hope you have a fun trip!

Kasey Hunt said...

School Bully? I hope one of your cute kids aren't getting bothered by him or her!! Have fun on your trip!!

TracyS. said...

Yikes! School bully and a dog bite?! You need a vacation. Enjoy your trip!

Sue said...

I make Lily pack her own stuff. I give her a checklist with items and tell her how many days to pack for. I review it with her before the bag goes in the car, but that's one less person I have to worry about. And Dan packs for himself. He's a grown man. He should pack for himself.

Simplify by delegating! Put someone in charge of snacks, someone in charge of car entertainment, someone in charge of board games, etc. Good luck!

Apis Melliflora said...

If you bring that heap of stylish luggage, could you please leave a bunch of those suitcases with me?

You've got a lot on your plate right now. Figuratively. We promise to make that trip worth your while!