March 25, 2010

The Hips Don't Lie . . .

For the first time in my life, I am the proud {?} owner of a bathroom scale.  When I was little, my parents had a scale like the doctor's office has - with the little notch that moves from pound to pound until the scale is balanced and you're staring at THE NUMBER.  I'm pretty sure we kids broke that scale.  And I haven't shared a home with a scale ever since.

It should be said that I could have used a scale during my freshman year of college, since I gained upwards of thirty pounds.  What?  I was dealing with a break-up and soft serve ice cream covered with orange soda seemed like a balanced breakfast!  Okay, it's not, but it sure tastes just like a creamcicle. 

I refused to have a scale in the house with each of my pregnancies.  It's enough to step on the scale in front of a nurse every month, then every two weeks, then every week, just watching the poundage add up, hoping that by removing my shoes I might have magically not gain five pounds.

But now, well now I have reached the point where I need to have a scale in my house. I am on the swift downward spiral to Forty.  I had a baby eight months ago and am rounding the corner to reclaiming my body from the nursing infant child. I am ready to be the controlling partner in my ever stormy relationship with food. And I am participating in a program developed by my sis-in-law that is going to help me be a healthier person in general.

These reasons are what brought me face to face with the shelf full of scales at my lovely local Target.  I stared and cowered. I almost turned and ran. The choices were overwhelming.  Do I buy the one that calculates body fat?  Heck no!  I'm just now ready to put a number on my weight - no body fat discussions allowed!  Do I buy the one with the robotic voice that says my weight out loud?  Heck no!  I don't want to HEAR it.  I just want to see it.  So I skip over all the scales priced $50 to $17.99 and go for none other than the scale pictured above at a mere $7.99.

My new scale and I came home together.  I followed the instructions, setting the scale on a level surface and aligning the tick mark with zero pounds when the scale was at rest.  Then I weighed myself - right there, fully clothed in the middle of the day. And I loved what that scale told me!  It said, "All your non-exercising has really paid off.  Way to go!"

When the Hubby came home I told him all about my new friend, the scale.  The Hubby went up to the bathroom, introduced himself, stepped on, and in one quick moment ruined my happy day.  "There is no way this scale is right," he said.  "Oh, yes, it is right," I replied a little too desperately.  But he assured me there was "no way he weighed less now than he did in high school".

The next day he weighed himself in the gym at his office on one of those doctor's scales.  He came home and broke it to me gently that our new scale was a mere ten pounds off.

And this, my friends, is why no one should ever own a scale.
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Alison Wilde said...

Hint....if you are going to buy a scale, just buy one that weighs in kilos. This is the best because if you are anything like me, you have NO IDEA what the calculation conversion to pounds is, so you just end up making up your own weight! It works, try it (with a doughnut in your hand (:! )

Christy said...

We do own a scale and the only way I'm okay with looking at the number is that I once heard (I can't remember from who or where of course) that with every child you have there are 2-3 pounds that just stick with you. When I think about my wedding weight multiplied by the 5 children I've born, I feel okay about things. :) I don't think weight could stick to you if it tried though so no worries for you!

Erin said...

I've toyed with buying a scale for home and this post just solidified my decision that I will stick with weighing in monthly with my trainer. I will continue to look at the size smaller jeans on the hook outside my bathroom (tags still intact) and use that as my motivation! Have a great vacation and if you forget something...go shopping at your destination :)

The Queen Vee said...

Well you shouldn't own one that cost $7.99 because at that price you're not going to get the truth. Pack that baby up and take her back Target. You've got to spend a lot more if you want something close to accurate. Just weighing in on my opionion here.

The Queen Vee said...

Add a to between back and Target. Thanks

The Dragonfly said...

I'm with Erin - I've always let my clothing tell me how I'm doing on my weight. I have a really hard time being tied to a number on a scale.

Apis Melliflora said...

If you're going to buy an affordable scale, might I suggest you buy one that makes you heavier so that when you go to the doctor's office, you feel awesome! I think our scale does that.

P.S. Bed, Bath & Beyond. We went for the Beyond part. Beyond the truth.

Kasey Hunt said...

Like Jessie, I have WW scale too. I think it's pretty accurate.

MelancholySmile said...

I refuse to have a scale in the house-- I swear it just makes me crazy. I DO weigh myself {but no more than once a week!} on one of those doctor scales at the gym. The gym is a much better environment, because if it's a good number - hey, it must be the working out! If it's a less than satisfactory number - hey, I can go run a little longer on the treadmill and pretend that I instantly lost a few pounds! But now I'm pregnant, which for me means that I won't even LOOK at a scale until well after the baby is born. Because seriously, who wants the torture of a NUMBER attached to the depressing changes overtaking a pregnant body? Not I.

Tobi said...

If I want brutal honesty all I have to do is turn on my Wii Fit. The cursed machine will weigh me and tell me that I've gained a pound and a half in the last two weeks. Whether I want it to or not.

Anonymous said...

My scale tells me the following:
- Weight
- Body Fat %
- Body Water %
- Muscle Mass
- Physique Rating
- Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
- Metabolic Age
- Bone Mass
- Visceral Fat Rating

For me the most important numbers are Body Fat % and Body Water %. Also, I monitor my muscle mass to ensure I'm not losing it by getting too skinny.

-Black Sheep

The Queen Vee said...

Anon, we know who you are....Bragger!

Sue said...

"I monitor my muscle mass to ensure I'm not losing it by getting too skinny." Blacky, we're all gagging on our keyboards!

I'm with the Queen, take that lame-o scale back to Target and get a digital one.

Tracie said...

Hilarious! My younger sister is pregnant with her first and hit that horrible in-between stage of clothes not fitting but not ready to dive into prego clothes. She bemoaned her "muffin top" rollin' over her pants. I wanted to say get used to it but why impart sad realities too early? :) I'm where you are, just ten months beyond and spring always wakes me up to my status. I'm glad to hear you've enjoyed your winter hiatus with Ollie and can't wait to hear about this coordinated effort! I'm trying to employ my own but not ready to post it and be accountable. I. love. comfort food. At least I've given up the clearance holiday peanut M&Ms -- too many holidays from Thanksgiving to Easter that weren't helpful! Have a great trip!!!