May 20, 2007

I Wish I Was a Monkey . . .

Today Soren told me that he wished he were a monkey. When I told him that he WAS a little monkey, he responded with, "No mom, I mean a real monkey - I want to be able to climb up trees like that!"

It made me think about how many times I have said "I wish I were . . .". (Fill in the blank with: skinny like her, able to sing like that, as intelligent and well spoken and she is, as cutely dressed as her, as organized, etc.)

It was not lost on me that even my small child is already wishing he were something other than himself. (Okay, I'm sure he doesn't REALLY want to be a monkey, but still.) It made me realize the need to start teaching my children, as well as learning myself, that it is better to be happy with who I am now, than wishing to be something else all the time, something I think might be better.

In all truth, where I am is great and I have control over bettering my sphere and making the real me better, without ever having to climb a tree well to prove I am a monkey.


The Carlsons said...

Any you thought you were alone....I promise if you let some of your friends know that you will connect with people that you actually want to read their blogs too....Anyway, I thought this posting was most poetic. I wish I could just control my life but I've decided that it's not possible. I'm glad that you seem to have control of yours. Love A

The Carlsons said...

Tell Soren that if he was a monkey he would have to pick lice off other monkeys and eat it.

Boan said...

I wish I could climb trees like monkeys too!