September 1, 2015

On His Way …


Yesterday the smallest Lee went to Kindergarten!

He woke up really early, proclaiming that he was no longer nervous, just really excited. All morning long he kept asking me if it was time for school yet. I assured him the time would come and he should get his chores done, get dressed, play for a while and have lunch before school.

He obliged me with the traditional picture in front of our red door. This look on his face is all sorts of killing me. It is sweetness to the max.


We spent time on our driveway trying to shrink the amount of time before the bus came. He ran around like a crazy pants kid who was really stoked about something. He looked very dapper in a button down shirt and shorts, hair slicked back just so.


We walked together to the bus stop. Actually, he walked faster in front of me, but I didn’t mind because I wanted to capture how independent he seemed and how big his back pack was on his little buddy body.

walking away

We got to the stop about eight minutes early. On a good day with no complications. Not on the first day, though. It ended up being a fifteen minute wait, during which my little Owlie turned to me and said, “It’s okay, Mom. You can go home now and I’ll just get on the bus by myself.”

Slay me now! There is no way I’m letting him be big and not need me like that! We waited together. I kissed him about fifty times. We hugged a bunch and then I could hear the bus coming. He practically jumped for joy.

Per my begging, he turned for a quick smile before finding a seat on the bus and leaving my heart feeling strangely empty and yet full at the same time.


And then, he was on his way.

bye ollie


Apis Melliflora said...

Oh, this blog post with accompanying pictures reads like a children's book for adults. A lovely story about growing up encapsulating in walking to the bus stop and getting on the bus.

AllisonK said...

The cutest!!!!

JulieB said...

That picture in front of the red door is adorable!

The Queen Vee said...

One word "Bittersweet"

Ronalin said...

Love your record of Ollie's first day, we love him!!!