June 4, 2015

This Is How We Do ...

 Time is a beast right now with the end of school and two major projects I've had to spend most of my days working on. I'm determined to keep recording our beach traditions as I know we won't have this tradition forever. 

I love this picture of Chris I caught while he was laying in the sun sleeping. Most of what we love about the beach has to do with relaxing and decompressing from the stresses of our regular life. This picture captures that for me.

The guys always fit in some healthy competition. This year it was in the form of sand darts and cornhole. Here the Hubby and our friend Karl are having a serious conversation here about the location and point totals of the darts. It is serious, people. I mean it.

I was so glad my parents came to the beach again with us. When my brother moved last year (sniff, sniff) I wondered if my parents would still come. We love having them there. Look at my Daddy. He's a hero. And he looks mighty cool in aviators. He's been wearing them for as long as I can remember. In fact, I think he made them cool.

My momma believes in proper covereage from the sun and kept herself shaded in in a cute floppy straw hat. She's showing you the other thing we do at the beach, which is sit around and talk about anything and everything.

Little Owlie is the perfect age for the beach. He is the resident wave jumper now. I feel like it was just Hannah yesterday. This picture of him makes me feel really happy. And now I will stare at it for awhile because today it is raining and cold.


The Queen Vee said...

Oh dear, who in the heck is that old lady? The rest of the people are recognizable and look FAB! We will miss this tradition.

The Queen Vee said...

One other thing, when you reach a certain age you will NEVER want a side view photo taken of yourself and then have it put out on the internet or anywhere else for the world to see. This Queen feels exposed and not in a good way.

Apis Melliflora said...

I love all the pictures. I thought the Queen looked very elegant in her dashing hat. It is such a great tradition and you make it so memorable with special foods, friends, family and fun beach activities.