May 19, 2015

MoPro 2015 …


On Saturday Christopher took a beautiful girl named Emily to Mormon Prom.

Many of the LDS kids in our area don’t attend the school sponsored Prom because the environment there is not great. Instead, they suit up in their modest (and really, quite lovely) formal attire and join seven to eight hundred other Mormon kids for a Prom that is well lit, has clean music and dancing, plus tons of other fun activities during the night. As a parent, I have great peace of mind knowing my son is taking someone else’s daughter to a place where neither he nor she need feel embarrassed or uncomfortable at any time.


We helped Chris buy his first suit, a new bowtie that coordinated with his date’s dress, and a corsage to slip on her wrist. He has become a pro at hand tying his own bowtie – no clip ons here! He looked so handsome.

A large group of almost thirty kids gathered for dinner at one house with parents combining efforts to make the night a “fancy” affair. Right at 5:00 when we should have been taking pictures, a torrential downpour began, causing girls to run with dresses and hairdos to protect. We did sneak in a few pictures after the storm and the cloudy skies made for perfect lighting.

Chris drove our van (super cool car) full of kids to the Prom. They had an absolute blast! I’m so grateful our church provides this alternative Prom for the youth to attend. The great news is that it just keeps getting bigger and bigger because now lots of kids who aren’t LDS are starting to attend as well. Chris is already looking forward to Mormon Prom next year.

 prom group


JulieB said...

Adorable! So glad they do this.

Apis Melliflora said...

Chris looks very dashing in his suit and bowtie. In spirit, the MoPro sounds so much like the prom I remember from my youth. Except, pretty sure the MoPro theme execution is way better!

The Queen Vee said...

I'm so grateful our teens in Northern Virginia have this option and I hope they are appreciative and grateful also for this amazing option for Prom attending.

Chris looked so handsome and charming, he's close to flying on his own which makes me happy sad.

Darci said...

They have one here in Northern Colorado. Love that the kids have a place that is safe and fun to go to.

Nikki said...

They all look amazing! I can just imagine the fun they all had together!