May 27, 2015

Eleventh . . .

We just got back from our eleventh year at the Delaware Shore over Memorial Day weekend. This annual trip has cemented itself in my heart as a favorite family tradition. We all need it. It is the like an oasis in the desert, giving our parched and worn bodies a much needed drink of rest and relaxation to get us through those last few weeks of school until Summer.

 Every member of my family looks forward to the beach for different reasons. Owlie spends much of his time digging holes, burying himself in the sand, making friends with all the other little kids around him or jumping the waves. As long as a snack or drink is in his hand when he demands it, he’s pretty happy and self sufficient at the beach now. It seems like just yesterday I was spending all my time convincing him to NOT eat the sand.

I love this shot of the Hubby. He’s hot! He loves to be active on the beach. Football, frisbee, sand darts, kite flying or walks down to the dock make him the most happy. Or sitting in a beach chair with a handful of licorice or pistachios. Must have every year.

This year I was committed to less sitting and more doing with the kids. Chris and I realized pretty fast that the paddle ball game he got for Christmas was going to be our favorite thing to do. We got up to 392 consecutive hits. He’s not afraid to dive all over the place. I’m a bit more reserved. And yes, I have resorted to wearing a long sleeved surf shirt to avoid getting burned. Sunscreen and I are not friends (allergic to most kinds) so this is the solution.

RedDog has been and always will be our treasure seeker. He brings me various shells and rocks throughout the day to bring home for his collection. I love that he has a treasure in his collection from each year we’ve come to the beach.

And then there’s this girl, who was the bravest of us all and actually got all the way into the freezing cold water. She also spend time spraying SunIn into her hair, chatting with her friend Kate, laying in the sun, taking pictures and throwing football with her dad or frisbee with her brother.

More beach report to come this week!


Apis Melliflora said...

Love all the beach shots and since I'm her auntie I think it might be okay for me to say that Hannie B has a seriously wowza runner's tush going on.

The Queen Vee said...

We appreciate the fact that you have included us in this tradition. We will mourn next May when we see the sand sculptures, fun and all the other beachy photos that we won't be a part of.