March 3, 2015

At Five Point Five . . .


I am about to admit something really difficult.

He’s a boy, not a baby.

But I’m not going to tell him that because I need him to stay little forever.  At five and a half, here are some things I’ve been wanting to remember about my Owlie right now:

  • He has a fantastic imagination! Sometimes he’ll come and ask me what he can do that is fun. I usually tell him I don’t know, but I think he can come up with something. Next, I’ll find him in his room or the basement imagining up some sort of fun in outer space or with puppies.
  • He is known to dislike just about anything that is dinnerish (mixed foods, casseroles, etc) or green vegetables. Whenever he’s told he has to eat them, he blurts out, “I can’t. I’m fasting”.
  • He thinks giving people zerberts is hilarious. He has also been known to spank the Elders (missionaries) in the bum, despite us telling him not to repeatedly.
  • He sleeps with at least three stuffed puppies each night.
  • He just finished listening to me read him the first Harry Potter book, so I let him watch the movie with me. Now he is afraid to be alone. I don’t mind it, except when I’m trying to use the bathroom.
  • He can do the following jobs perfectly: make his bed, separate his laundry, put his laundry away, put the silverware away, empty the shoe basket, clean up toys, dust. He cannot, however, do any of them without WHINING.
  • He loves Legos. He really, really loves Legos.

He’s still my best bud. We are together an awful lot. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when he’s gone to Kindergarten next year. I love him so much!


The Queen Vee said...

He is such a fun, funny little guy. It's hard to remember all these memories and experiences...good thing you're writing them down. There is a season for'll adapt and wonderful new things will fill the void.

Sue said...

"I can't. I'm fasting." Classic!

Apis Melliflora said...

His little smile--slightly mischievous-- and his boyish way of talking are high on my list of endearing qualities!

TracyS. said...

Aww- sweet kid! How fast they grow.